Why Sage Dropped the ‘ERP’ in X3

It became official at Sage Summit 2015 – hold the ERP, please.shutterstock_10528987

Sage CEO, Stephen Kelly, explained the revision to the audience, citing that the term ERP (acronym, to be precise) has a connotation for difficult-to-use, expensive, and complex business management systems.

In fact, he cleverly declared that “ERP” stands for “Expense, Regret, Pain.

Mint Jutras did an extensive opinion piece on the ERP and Sage’s strategy. Defending legacy systems as ‘the best that developers could do at the time,’ newer technology (like X3) would logically be sexier.

The article lays out a great analogy:

Personally I think a lot of ERP vendors did the best they could with the technology they had available at any given time. But that technology is nothing like what is available today, just as the Model T is nothing like the Masserati [sic], or even the Ford Taurus today.

So what makes Sage X3 purrrrr like a sports car? Features like:

  • Cloud / local / hybrid hosting

Who doesn’t want choices? Sage is wisely allowing clients to use the technology that works best for them, in whichever way that suits. Bravo!

  • Flexible / adaptable

Sage X3 doesn’t take a rocket scientist to configure it to the way you want to do business. It comes with built-in functionality, and you make the rules and processes.

  • Faster

What everyone wants in a car, ahem, software system. Speedy core processes, business information at your demand – X3 was literally built for speed!

  • Simpler

Collaboration and communication just got way easier. Plus, mobile access gives users the ability to access data easily.

While the (re)branding is brilliant, it also accurately reflects Sage’s progess away from legacy, failing ERP solutions. A 2010 ERP Benchmark Study (from Panorama Consulting Solutions) showed that an astonishing 72% of ERP systems fail!

The reasons cited:

  1. Takes longer to implement than expected
  2. Costs more than expected
  3. Fails to deliver at least half of the expected business benefits

So, take away the expense, regret, and pain that the study shows, and the result is a successful Business Management System!

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