What’s SEXY in Sage 300 CRE Version 15.1?

(Former) Poweruser Tony Merry Reviews Version 15.1

I asked LAI’s Sales Director, Tony, literally: “Name two things that are sexy in the latest Sage 300 CRE release?”

Tony’s response was immediate: My Assistant and Job Cost.

In full disclosure, Tony NEVER demos Sage 300 without MyAssistant; it’s definitely his favorite integration tool. He feels its functionality is critical to the success of S300. Stuffed with HUNDREDS of tasks and notifications, the beauty of MyAssistant is that you don’t have to launch the full software (or pull a license if that is a system concern) to create tasks and access data.yo-quiero-15-1

You’re Going to Love MyAssistant for the Right Reasons

It’s a crazy little thing called Spreadsheet Designer. Let’s hear from Sage, themselves:

Many times you need to work with (sort, filter, annotate, forward) your project, property or accounting information. To support this, you can now create Spreadsheet Templates that define how to use information stored in Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate to create an Excel workbook.

Spreadsheet Templates are attached to MyAssistant Tasks and pass in the Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate information from the Notifications generated by running the Task to populate the spreadsheet. Because they’re attached to Tasks and use Notification and associated Sage data, the generated Excel workbook that is sent with the email message updates each time it’s sent with the most up-to-date data.

Creating a Spreadsheet Template is a one-time process, and can be accomplished by simply dragging Sage database fields into a spreadsheet, sorting and grouping data information and by building formulas. (Tony note: You no longer need to use Office Connector Query, which creates a one-time, static spreadsheet. MyAssistant will refresh data every time you create the report.)


Prebuilt Spreadsheet Templates

Sage MyAssistant 15.1 includes prebuilt Spreadsheet Templates that can be used out-of-box or customized given your unique needs. The list of available Spreadsheet Templates that can be added to a Task is presented when first attaching a template.

Available prebuilt templates include:

  • JC WIP Report
  • JC Cost to Complete
  • AP Invoice Register
  • AR Aging by Job
  • AP Vendor List
  • AR Customer List
  • Open Service Management
  • SM Work Orders
  • Expiring Service Agreements

Job Cost Gets Some Sugar

Call it a new “GUI” (Graphic User Interface) or an enhanced “UX” (User Experience) – whichever — but ‘Job Setup’ gets a much needed facelift. Looks better, works better!

Then there’s the new ‘document designer’ tool for POs and subcontracts. WHAT YOU PREVIOUSLY HAD TO CREATE IN CRYSTAL REPORTS is now a template in Word with a simple mail-merge configuration that pulls fields directly from Sage 300!

Bonus Feature – Desktop Goes Into Overdrive!

We know some of you still launch TS main in lieu of Desktop. It’s our little secret. But now when you load a dashboard report – it renders in seconds, not minutes! That’s another huge improvement that saves time and doesn’t require a license in Timberline. YAY!

Resources | Demo Request

  • Want more info on the upgrade? Here’s a link to the release notes.
  • Want to see the new MyAssistant in action? Email Tony directly, and let him know you saw this on LAI’s blog.
  • Need to schedule a Sage Certified Senior Consultant? Call Carolyn Carter at 480-423-8300. Hurry – we book up FAST at Year’s End!