What you need to know about SQL backups for Sage 100 CON

By Mark Jensen, Director of Business Development 

Autobackup WARNING

The Version 20 SQL release of Sage 100 Contractor brought many upgrades and additional features. One of the most significant features is the automatic back up of your SQL Database on a nightly basis. Caveat: there are some things you need to check to make sure you are receiving the maximum benefit from this function.

Getting an error message?

Many clients have inadequate security for the Database Administration. The error message you see may say something like this “An unknown error occurred running the nightly maintenance and backup of (company name).” If this is the case you should contact your IT support immediately. Instructions to correct this are in the Sage Knowledgebase:  https://support.na.sage.com/selfservice/viewContent.do?externalId=76338&sliceId=1

The other mistake some clients have made is trusting that the automatic backup is enough. Multiple clients have experienced Viruses or Ransomware attacks to their server. If the only backup that is maintained is on the affected server, your only recourse may be to rebuild everything from scratch. We recommend taking a copy of the SQL Back and storing it offline on a regular basis.

Some clients have elected to use an online backup system that does an incremental backup each night. These online systems are effective for general office documents, but are not sufficient for managing your Sage 100 Contractor SQL Server Backups.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! In one client’s case, a 15 minute session to make a copy of a backup would have been worth thousands of dollars in rebuilding a server.

Need help with SQL backups? Send us an email to schedule a Sage Certified 100 Contractor consultant!