What You Need to Know about Sage 300 CRE Version 16.1

Submitted by Kyle Zeigler, Sage Senior Certified Consultant

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Considering Version 16.1? Here’s what you need to know!

Sage has recently announced the release of Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate version 16.1. In related news, Sage confirmed that the year-end update – which includes cumulative software patches and updates of government forms – will only support versions 15.1 and 16.1. If you are presently using any version of Sage 300 CRE other than these two versions, it’s not too early to start planning your upgrade to a supported version. Be aware, though, that there are some important considerations when choosing the version for your upgrade!

‘TS Main’-ly unavailable

Version 16.1 contains some very exciting changes to how users will access the features of the Sage 300 CRE applications.

However, what will be enthusiastically welcomed by some users may be distressing to others, particularly those long-time Sage 300 CRE/Timberline users who have stubbornly resisted the switch from TS Main to Desktop (you know who you are!). In version 16.1, TS Main is still available, but it must be launched from Desktop – a likely ploy by Sage to gradually nudge you into the future direction of the software’s development. Those users will need to join us eventually in this bold new world, and version 16.1 might just be the version that helps you comfortably make the transition.

The best of…

What’s exciting about version 16.1 is the ease with which the features of the software can now be accessed in Desktop. Gone is the complex and sometimes confusing display of folders and subfolders! MyTasks are now Favorites, and the Home Page can now accommodate multiple tabs of any combination of web pages or Crystal reports. The newest operating systems are supported (Windows 8 and Windows 10), and issues with Purchasing and Inventory in multiple company folders have been resolved. And with an updated Simba ODBC driver, reports (especially Crystal reports) run faster. (Hold that thought, though, and keep reading for the downside of the new ODBC driver.)

Integration caveat

As we have seen with some past version upgrades, when some features are improved, the integration with other third-party products may lag behind. Such is the case with the newer ODBC driver.

For now, companies that use ODBC-dependent applications or solutions such as MyAssistant or Office Connector need to hold off on upgrading to version 16.1 and only upgrade to version 15.1. Integration with these products is not yet supported by version 16.1. It is always recommended that users check with third-party application providers before upgrading to any version of Sage 300 CRE to make sure the version is supported with their products.

Don’t ignore the release notes!

If you do make the decision to upgrade to version 16.1, you’ll want to do a little preparation before installing the upgrade. First, read the Release Notes! In particular, if your users have created custom Desktop configurations, be sure to have those users save their configuration as a named *.dsk file (not as Default.dsk). This will help preserve their personal configuration so that it can be easily incorporated into the new Desktop features. If this is not done, those Desktop configurations will be lost during the upgrade process.

Videos about version 16.1 are available on YouTube and through the Sage Knowledgebase, and helpful documents about both versions 15.1 and 16.1 are available through the Knowledgebase.

If you would like more information about upgrading your Sage 300 CRE software, or would like to schedule a Sage certified consultant to assist with your upgrade, please contact Ledgerwood Associates at 480-423-8300.

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