What Project Management is NOT

A role, a department, a phase?

It’s typical in any size company – large or small – to become compartmentalized, and operate in informational silos.

There are so many reasons for this: generally poor cross-company communication, managerial information gatekeepers (we all know someone who jockeys their intel power for position), personality conflicts, or even departmental clashes are just a few.

It’s easy for a construction company to compartmentalize Project Management as a functionality of the project, a department or business unit, and/or a phase of construction. Sure, there are “Project Managers” job titles, and often these individuals often act as gateways between estimates, progress, and finance flows. That’s a given.

However, Project Management is NOT just a role, department. or phase. When PM is perceived as a construction stage or identity within a company, information flow can become too segmented for critical adjustments to be made, affecting the overall profitability of the project. If Project Management is embraced as an overarching philosophy, that opens the doors from the field to the executive suite. When everyone has skin in the game, the communication flows freely throughout the system, allowing visibility and successful change management.

If everyone owns part of the Project Management operation, great project historicals are built into libraries, shared templates are built to reduce duplicate work, and gaps between departments are closed, benefiting the overall profitability and cohesion of the organization.

The PJ Module in Sage 300 CRE handles cross-departmental communication effectively and seamlessly. To learn more, call Tony Merry at Ledgerwood Associates at 480-423-8300. Or request a demo, below: