Top reasons to upgrade to Sage 100 CON v20.6

Check out these “Can’t do without” features in v20.6

by Pam Schulz, Sage Certified Consultant

The temperatures are cooler, but the heat is on to get upgraded to version 20! Let’s get ‘er done!time-to-upgrade

The top reasons to upgrade NOW:

  1. Version 20 is the ONLY version that will be supported and have year end tax updates. DON’T WAIT UNTIL YEAR END RUSH – DO IT NOW.
  2. New features- on top of everything that has been added so far, VERSION 20.6 ALONE has:
    • Inactivate unused records (like jobs, cost codes, ledger accounts etc) so no one can use them
    • Refresh a report on your screen- don’t need to “re-run it”
    • More information buttons on jobs and clients
    • New vacation accrual max-outs
  3. These features join others from version 20.5
    • Larger field sizes
    • Unlimited custom fields on many screens
    • And more!

Now let’s upgrade!

Want more great reasons? Check out this video from Sage University: