Top Dogs! Integration Partners for Sage Construction & Real Estate

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by Joanie Hollabaugh

While Sage hasn’t poured development dollars into the core CRE products lately, they do continue to form terrific strategic alliances with third-party publishers that help to3-wieners keep the Accounting package relevant and competitive. Here are LAI’s favorite three “weiners:”

#1 Paperless Environment – Document Management for Sage 100 and 300

Converting to a paperless environment no longer requires cutting-edge technology.

However, when Sage announces the addition of a development partner that integrates seamlessly with Sage 300 CRE and Sage 100 Contractor, that’s a game changer. Paperless Environments’ product, “pVault,” scans, routes, indexes, stores, retrieves, distributes, and archives — all in a secure environment.

The PREMISE of document management is an easy business process to understand and accept. The EXECUTION of it is another thing altogether. And for Accountants, going paperless may perhaps be harder still, with paper being tactile evidence of financial position.

Thomas Reuters published a great white paper with ten tips entitled, “Most Common Mistakes Accountants Make When Going Paperless.” (Download the complete document here.)

A few Thomas Reuters pointers for Accountants to avoid when going paperless:

  • Trying to implement without a lead person. Select a champion to commit to the process and influence others
  • Resistance and lack of participation from Senior Partners. Everyone must be on board.
  • Dismissing the idea of backing up data. Your data is gold.

Ready to go paperless with Sage 100 (MasterBuilder) or Sage 300 (Timberline)? Let’s talk about YOUR strategy. LAI can help you configure a solution with the right amount of resources, licenses, and budget.


#2 eTakeoff – Digital Viewer and Takeoff for Sage Estimating

Who knows Sage better than a former Sage CEO? Former Timberline President/CEO, Curtis Peltz, joined eTakeoff in 2012, bringing with him his domain knowledge of cost estimating.

eTakeoff is a complete electronic viewer and takeoff solution for construction estimators. In tried-and-true software tier versioning, eTakeoff is offered to the market in Basic, Advanced, and Premier models. From simple view-only to advanced Excel integration, eTakeoff is a powerful tool for Sage Standard or Extended Estimating. View the comparisons between Basic, Advanced, and Premier versions here.

Want to try eTakeoff for 15 days for FREE? Email us for the free link!


#3 Integrated Field Solutions – IFS | Core for Service Management

One of the challenges of using Sage CRE is the disconnect between the field technicians, managers, and office staff. While the SaaS model has become ubiquitous, finding a software integration partner that fits into the Service Management’s business needs is challenging. Furthermore, seamlessly integrating that solution into core Sage systems is critical.

One of Sage’s newest Development Partners, IFS brings Service Management to the field for Sage 100 and Sage 300. Work Order processing, Service Site history, sales opportunities, and mobile Purchase Order creation bridges the gap between the field and back office.

The Tech Tool in IFS has three distinct functions:

  • The Self Service Center Customer Portal – in this portal, your customers can monitor, review, and submit requests for service in real time.
  • Employee Center — in here, employees can access and print pay history and company documents, like the Employee Handbooks health insurance forms, and expense reports. This results in cost-savings for the company on items like envelopes, paper, postage, and time.
  • Document Management for Service — here you can store contracts and service management data, allowing for quick review of Service Level Agreements. Additional files may be attached, like site photos for review by staff and clients.

Ledgerwood Associates is really excited to have such a highly-functional tool for the Service Management module for CRE. Providing a tool that strengthens the relationship between customers, the field, and management without a software download is extremely valuable. Anyone with an internet connection can use this service, and the learning curve is immediate for all skill levels.

Ed Ledgerwood is the resident Service Management ninja at LAI. Email Ed and ask how he can help you maximize the potential for your Sage Service Management module.