TimberScan – made for Timberline

Tired of Paper?

Regardless of software that is advertised as being part of your Sage 300 CRE (Timberline) system, TimberScan is the original document management system that was created specifically and exclusively for Timberline/Sage accounting software.

If you haven’t looked at it lately, it’s worth more than a few minutes of your time. Core Associates, the makers of TimberScan have kept their product competitive by adding some additional (read: modern) enhancements.post-its-to-do

Capture My Heart!

Any time I can reduce data entry, redundancy, or user errors, I can make a business case, literally! You set up Capture once (per vendor), with OCR tags and indexing, templates, and BAM! – you’re automated.

Capture workflow is simple. The process starts with acquiring images for Capture to recognize. Invoices can either be scanned or dragged and dropped from email or a location on disk. Once acquired, invoices are visible in the TimberScan viewer.

In the setup, Capture is “taught” to identify the exact location of key data entry elements on scanned invoices such as vendor name, invoice number, date or amount, to name just a few. Capture saves each vendor’s invoice structure in a template, so the next invoice from that vendor will be recognized automatically.

Capture also supports multiple template profiles for one vendor. This is very useful for utility and phone bills, credit card statements, etc. With these types of invoices the structure is the same, however, a unique identifier on the invoice such as an account numbers generates different coding. Once invoices are processed TimberScan automatically routes the invoices to the correct approver(s) for review.

Taking AIM

Introduced last year, Advanced Image Management, or AIM for short, is basically a secure document vault extending beyond the accounting system.
AIM can index, and search for ANY business document and easily retrieve it (using a Sage API to exchange data with Sage 300 CRE – seamless!). In addition to that, it can categorize and route documents with user-defined fields for classification and indexing. Users can then add “rules based” routing of all documents (again OUTSIDE of S300), as well as build queries and save them for later.

Timberscan has some very Sage 300-centric capabilities that are unique only to Timberscan:

  • Provides numerous checks and balances against what is happening in Timberline. For example, checking commitments and indicating if an invoice has exceeded a commitment. Displaying the Contract Amount of a job, what has been invoiced against a cost code, checking for compliance issues, etc.
  • Compiles all of the backup information including the invoice images for T&M, “Cost Plus” and CAM billing.
  • Has an accrual process for those companies that prefer to update job cost information prior to invoice posting.
  • Provides Dashboard functionality for viewing and approving invoices.
  • A rejected invoice can be sent back to previous approvers or anyone in the approval process.
  • Has a “Final Review” process allowing accounting to review and edit before posting.
  • Has an “auto-attach checks” function that integrates with Piracle’s ‘Create-a-check” or Print Boss. Checks are automatically attached to every invoice the check paid without the need to scan the check batch.
  • Provides a matching routine for Purchase Orders generated by the PO module of Service management.
  • Users can run “job cost” reports while viewing invoices during approval and data entry process.
  • Users can create new cost codes for a job and upload those cost codes to Sage 300 automatically.
  • When a new job is created in Sage 300, it can be automatically assigned to the right project manager.
  • Creates a packed of all pertinent images in one place including copy checks and all supporting documents.
  • Provides complete report with all pertinent data in Sage 300 CRE plus TimberScan.
  • View Vendor History during data entry including data from Sage 300.
  • Ability for approvers to flag an invoice “Hold in AP”. This allows the invoices to be posted to Sage 300 but insures that it can’t get paid until all compliance documents are received.


While the concept is simple, really, TimberSync is a game changer because it’s a configurable data transfer service from TimberScan directly to the Sage 300 CRE database. This is great for clients with VERY large databases who would rely on ODBC to update S300. The challenge is how slow the system becomes when transferring data. With TimberSync, all data entry lookups and reports access TimberScan’s SQL database directly – providing a significant boost in performance (especially with reports). TimberScan monitors S300 and updates the database EVERY FEW MINUTES (or how you control the uploads).