Timberline Users Group (TUG) Conference versus Sage Summit US

Which should you attend?

Two events in May provide you options to explore more about Sage software. Both are opportunities to learn more, expand the skills of your personnel, and allow interaction with other Sage users.  How do you know which one is the right one for you?  Take a look at the websites for each and browse the session agenda. This will tell you what topics are covered. Sage Summit had a broad focus on all Sage product lines, where TUG has a narrow focus on Sage 300 CRE, Sage 100 Contractor and the peripheral add-ons for those.

TUG National Users Conference

Held in Minneapolis, MN this year, from May 8- 11th, the Annual TUG National Users Conference (TUG= Timberline Users Group; a throwback to its original software name) is the largest conference in the country where all levels of users of the following software meet to share knowledge, ideas and experiences on Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate, Sage 100 Contractor, and Sage Estimating. Follow TUG at @TUGweb on twitter.

TUG highlights:

  • Focused on just Sage 300 CRE and Sage 100 Contractor
  • User organized and driven
  • Range of educational topics, with lecture, lab or round table formats
  • A help desk to drop by and ask any software question, with areas of expertise scheduled during the week
  • Trade show with some third-party vendors offering services and add-ons to Sage 300 and 100
  • Casual contact with users from across the country during sessions, lunches, evening events (a party!)
  • Mixture of very experienced, long term users and new operators
  • Sage technical staff on hand for some sessions for Q&A as well as presenting future direction
  • Excellent place to learn how to more fully utilize existing software

Sage Summit Tour US (Atlanta)

Sage has been busy the last few years, “reimagining” itself (a past Summit slogan) and its product offerings, as well as the Sage Summit event. The latest iteration for 2017 has morphed from a single, North American mega-event into truncated market “tours” across the globe (UK, Australia,  Singapore, Spain, USA, Canada, Germany, and South Africa). Follow @Sage_Summit on twitter.

The Sage Summit US event will be held May 9-11 in Atlanta, GA. The event has been condensed from five to two and a half days, and unlike previous years, no headliner pop band has been announced (at this time) to wrap up the event.

Just released: “From boxing champ to business icon”

Gold Medalist, heavyweight champion, ordained minister, and marketing icon, George Forman, will join Sage “celebrities” executives (Stephen Kelly, CEO; Alan Lainge, EVP, Partners and Alliances; Nick Goode, EVP, Product Management; and Jennifer Warawa, EVP Product Marketing) onstage at Summit.


There will be many exciting announcements at Summit regarding product development, mainly for Estimating and Sage Mobile solutions. Attend the Product Roadmap sessions for Sage to reveal new features and version announcements!

Sage Summit highlights:

  • Sage driven, business oriented: “…the must-attend business conference for thought leadership, inspiration, and innovation for businesses like yours.”
  • Covers ALL Sage business products (general accounting, CRM, ERP, HR, etc., – not exclusive to construction business)
  • Mixture of business solution presentations,  breakout sessions, round table discussions,
  • Trade show with third party vendors and products that interface with Sage products
  • Product roadmaps and future releases and features
  • Heavy social media and marketing themes

So, which is right for you? It depends on your needs, obviously. Users will gravitate to TUG, while business owners and executives may want to explore the Sage of the future, as well as “thought leadership” and networking opportunities. Either way, you’ll see Ledgerwood people at both events!