The “Ruby Slippers” Inside Sage 300 CRE (formerly Timberline)

One of the things we enjoy most at Ledgerwood Associates is how MUCH we get to interact with you, our clients! With varying (user) levels of experience and accounting responsibilities, we always get a kick out of surprising you with some of the “Ah-HA!” features and functionalities of Sage 300 CRE (formerly Timberline), that help you save time or create efficiencies.

We were brainstorming in the office for the theme of next month’s Skill Savor lunch, held quarterly at our beautiful Scottsdale training center (and in Denver, as well). Someone mentioned that these tips and tricks were like “Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, having the power to get home all along.”

So…who doesn’t like a good Wizard of Oz analogy? (If you ask me, there’s a W.O.O. metaphor around every yellow-bricked corner of life!) Hence, the “Power of the Ruby Slippers – Sage 300 Features You’ve Had All Along” was born.

As much as we would love to have all of you join us at our event, the implausibility prompted us to share with everyone some of the cooler “Ruby Slippers” that you may not know about:

  • Office Connector – with the full version of Office Connector, you can import production units right from Excel to Timberline – giving you Production-to-Job Cost visibility. Caveat is that everyone gets the “lighter” version of Office Connector with  Sage 300, but if your company is already doing this production analysis in Excel, this is a module you should think about investing in. (HINT: Watch for Sage specials in our monthly newsletter, Sage frequently offers incentives for add on modules. If you’re not signed up, you can do so here.)
  • Aatrix Forms – so you know that in order to file the 2013 year end with Sage 300 – it’s MANDATORY that you use Aatrix, right? Now before you get frustrated with this extra stress, you need to know that there are a TON of powerful resources in Aatrix besides updated tax forms. Did you know are over 80 HR and payroll automated business forms including HR forms, sales tax forms, and an editable employee manual? It gets better – completed forms are saved in a history file that is date and time stamped. Any report can be retrieved by form type or employee as needed for annual reviews, enrollment periods, disciplinary actions, unemployment hearings, or other needs.  Aatrix is a little gold mine of HR/payroll nuggets at your disposal!