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The font is too small on the GL Year-to-Date ledger

Teeny, tiny details

Excerpted from the LAI July 20161 Newsletter. Submitted by Kyle Zeigler, Sage Senior Certified Consultant

When Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate is first installed and configured, certain setup decisions are made for each application so that the software is optimally configured for use in your organization.  Some of the seemingly insignificant features, however, are left at the default settings either by choice or because they are simply overlooked in pre-implementation setup conversations. One of these often-neglected settings is the orientation for the General Ledger Year-to-date Ledger.

The Year-to-date Ledger is a go-to report for most CFOs, controllers, accounting managers, and other accounting personnel in most companies. The report provides the details of transactions posted to General Ledger during the current fiscal year or other range of full months specified at the time the report is printed.

For each GL account in the system, or specified by selection on the Ranges button, the report displays the accounting date of the transaction, the journal number (if journals are used), the two reference fields, the transaction description, the balance at the beginning of each month presented in the report, separate columns for debits and credits, and the balance at the end of month. It also provides grand totals for the debit and credit columns that are useful in such tasks as making sure the general ledger is in balance, checking net income and against financial statement designs to verify accuracy, and so on.

With the number of columns present in the Year-to-date Ledger, a common complaint from users is that the font is small and sometimes difficult to read when the settings related to this report are left at default in GL Settings. An authorized user can modify these settings through GL > GL Settings > Ledger Settings. Look for the Page Orientation choices and select Landscape instead of Portrait. As with many of the in-product reports, the Year-to-date-Ledger uses a scalable font that will increase in size automatically to fit the size of the paper. And yes, you guessed it – you can make the font even larger when set to landscape orientation and then printed on 11 x 14 paper (a nice trick for those of us who are little, ahem, mature and eyesight challenged).

While you’re in the Ledger Settings window, don’t be afraid to explore the other settings related to how the Year-to-date-Ledger prints and processes. There is a handy Help button at the bottom of the window if you’d like more information about the selections. And, as always, if you need any assistance with your GL settings or any other aspect of your Sage 300 CRE software, don’t hesitate to contact Ledgerwood Associates.

If you need helping installing an update or upgrade, one of our skilled consultants at Ledgerwood Associates would be happy to assist you. Call us at 480-423-8300, and ask for Carolyn!

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