The Excel Exception

Everyone knows the Excel paradox, right? That it makes no sense to export info from a database to a spreadsheet. Not only is it an exercise in redundancy — there is also a significant chance of a formula error (a whopping 88 %*) – yet Sage 300 CRE (formerly Timberline) users do it on a regular basis.three-mice

Exactly what is the compelling reason to dump data from a database (a collection of related data) with intelligence, to a container with no intelligence, which simply tabulates and sorts data?


Yes, reports in Excel allow you to slice and dice, with customizable formatting, and the ability to create charts, given the right data and skill set. So, given the propensity for companies to want to view and report data in a manner which is most relevant to their view of their progress or financial status, Sage has wisely made it a quite painless process. This is the only “LAI -approved” exception for exporting from Sage 300 CRE (Timberline) into Excel!

Export to Excel and Print with Report Totals:

Inquiry table columns and rows export cleanly to Excel – with aligned column headers and proper formatting, as well as with all columns and all rows included in the inquiry, not just those visible on your screen.  The same goes when printing the inquiry to paper.  The entire table prints in nicely aligned and formatted columns and headers, a standard report header, and report totals for numeric columns, just as if you had created a quick custom report design!

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*Source: Market Watch, April 20, 2013