Kathy Blakesley

Senior Enterprise Certified Consultant

When it comes to Timberline/Sage 300 Reporting and Accounting Kathy Blakesley is untouchable.  Kathy got to know Timberline as a construction company Controller.  She used the highly-respected software for nearly a decade.  When she tired of closing month-end books, she knew it was time do something different.  Luckily for us, she decided that something different was to become a Sage Certified Consultant.

She enjoys the software and solution-based thinking far more than the repetitive nature of an accounting environment.  Kathy also likes the challenges of job-cost reporting solutions and relishes the opportunity to improve business performance with measureable results.

As a Sage Certified consultant she has spent the last three years helping people solve many financial problems.  Kathy also finds correcting reporting issues very rewarding.  In the end, she derives great pleasure from  helping people and businesses find better ways to streamline their accounting processes and tangible improving a company’s bottom line.

Kathy earned her Financing Degree from Arizona State University and is a Certified Public Accountant.  She teaches Workflow Classes, Report Design Inquiry and Financial Statement Design. In her free time she likes working with stained glass, crocheting and sewing.  She also enjoys spending time with her husband and her two sons.
Questions for Kathy?  Send them to Kathy@LedgerwoodAssociatesUSA.com.  She’d love to hear from you!


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