Tales of Construction: Vampires, Beer Bottles, and Legos

Photo cred: Equipment World

Photo Credit: Equipment World

By Joanie Hollabaugh

What is it about the year ending that makes us so attracted to lists, oddities, and strange humor? I admit I am far from immune from enjoying a little year-end sensationalism. Searching the internet was an entertaining diversion a mission of dedicated research to “uncover” some great construction tales extraordinaire.

Equipment World does an outstanding job at reporting construction anomalies! From finding a grave for vampires at a Polish construction site, to backhoes digging up a dinosaur tail in Alberta, CN, to the weirdly cute Japanese construction signs, EW is one of the top sources to scout out the unusual.

From the “It-Never-Gets-Old” department, even the Huffington Post keeps more than one volume on the “Funniest Construction FAILS Ever!” My two favorite sites tipping the construction “weirdness” scale are also kind of cool (call me a nerd). The first is the “Strange construction: Top 7 unconventional building materials” compilation from BuzzBuzzHome that includes a Buddhist temple made from beer bottles, to a 3.3 million Lego 2-story house built on an English winery (wasn’t expecting THAT ending). The second collection is a list by BoredPanda (apropos, no?) called “10 Of the Most Unusual Homes in the World” which includes a transparent house and a portable one square meter house (although my shoes would need a condo!). So, kick back in your office chair, and surf away at my Year End offering of a “Why is it so hard to concentrate during the holidays?” collection of the weird, wacky, and wonderful world of construction. Just remember to fake a frown when the boss goes by!