Taking on the King: ProCore versus Sage Construction Project Center

Game of Thrones

For a long time, ProCore ruled the construction project management world, especially in the mobile/cloud category. With glossy marketing and the hubris of a market-share owner,   ProCore has made the rules when it comes to this construction niche software.

SCPC – the King Slayer

Sage Construction Project Center (SCPC) was developed specifically to connect with Sage 300 CRE — in the cloud. SCPC connects the office, the field, subcontractors and owners throughout phases to keep projects on budget and on time.

With ProCore’s claim of being the #1 “most widely used construction software” — it has three major flaws:

  1. It doesn’t integrate seamlessly with Sage 300 CRE (Timberline)
  2. Pricing – and –
  3. Pricing (no, this isn’t a duplication mistake)


One of the fundamental tenets of project management software is, that it integrates with Accounting. There’s no real point of managing tactical strategies, if you don’t account for the COSTS associated with it. Procore’s integration is the standard, out of the box, ODBC import functionality into Sage; they are NOT a registered development partner with Sage (despite the unauthorized appearance of the Sage logo on their website)!

With SCPC, you get seamless integration into Sage 300 CRE. Enhancements and upgrades to software will be developed to be compatible. You will also be “in the family,” so to speak.

Pricing, pricing

What business owner wants to pay for a software BY THE PROJECT or BY THEIR REVENUE? It’s an old pricing schema that doesn’t allow owners to amortize their investment and forces a partnership that defies depreciation. The old “the more you grow, the more you need us” position is just short of blackmailing.

Enter Sage’s solution, with reasonable pricing that protects your privacy, and lets you scale without penalty! SCPC is priced “concurrently” (not named users) in blocks of five licenses. Users are individuals within their company…external collaborators are included at no charge (ie: owners, architects, subcontractors, etc.). This is definitely the NEW model for cloud project management pricing!

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