Taking Control of Sage Timberline Office & Monitoring Who’s Using It

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One of our clients recently needed help with the following question, “I used to have a run command I could type in and it would show me who was in which files and I could kick people out of Timberline if I needed to. It was something like WM3075V?? Does anyone there have the code or a better way to check active users?”

Our LAI consultant Gary Jacobson  provided the following answer: On the Timberline server use the Pervasive Monitor Utility (W3MONV75) and select “Microkernal –  Users” to find out who has data files open in Timberline, and click “Delete User” (after highlighting the user) to free up the files as needed (but make sure the person is not really actively using Timberline before that is done).

If a module still shows in use after doing the above, then on the Timberline Server, right click on “My Computer” and go to System Tools –  Shared Folders – Open Files, and look for any of the application files with XX.lck file names (where XX = the application abbreviation) , such as “AP.LCK”, and right click and select “Disconnect Open File” (or whatever that option is called).

As always – we here at LAI take great pride in being able to assist our clients in any way possible in order to ensure they always have a positive experience with Sage Timberline Office.  Is there something you might need help with?  If so, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are glad to help!