Summer’s the season to look for improvements

Examining your processes and procedures through ‘new’ eyes

The middle of summer is here, and we generally see a pattern. Office staff may be on vacations, while the workload continues to be heavy. Although it is important to focus on just getting the work done, this may be a good opportunity to see where your processes need improvement.

Key things to look for:

  • Find out if job instructions are adequate. Instructions that make sense to someone who wrote them may not make sense to someone unfamiliar with the job. Whether you are stepping in for your staff, or someone else is substituting, you will quickly find out if there is a need for improved instructions.
  • Consider whether a change in process would be good. People who do tasks routinely can do them quickly because of familiarity, and they usually know what data problems to look for. But there may be ways the process can be more efficient, faster or more accurate—ways that you only notice with a less experienced person handling the job. This could mean a minor change in workflow, a use of some automated feature, or an additional Report/Query that helps verify data entered.
  • Consider whether additional training is needed. The process may be sound and the instructions good, but your staff may need more thorough or targeted cross training.

Save it for later!

Will you have the time to write new instructions, design a report or query, or do some quick training? Probably not—at least not during the vacation season. Just make some quick notes and be sure to refer to them later when you can arrange to do those things.

As always, let us know if we can help. And be sure to take a vacation yourself!