Start in Q3 for a New Year Q1 Sage 100 CON launch

by Pam Schulz, Sage Certified Consultant

Fall is here, and NOW is the time to get started if you are planning to purchase new Sage 100 Contractor software and be live by the start of the New Year.

Follow this ten-step timeline:

1. Purchase the software by September 15

Allow a little time for paperwork and orders to process. Make sure your hardware and operating systems meet requirements.

2. Install software by September 20

Installing locally or hosted on the Cloud? Depending on what resources need to be scheduled this can take a few days or more.

3. Discovery, plan workflows, learn basics by October 5

Learn a few basics and understand the overall information flows in the program. This will help in the Basic Master file setup; knowing what fields and features are available make it easier to take advantage of more when you are setting up the new files.

4. Set up Master files by October 15

After you learn a few basics, you will begin setting up your Master files- the Chart of Accounts, Cost Codes, Vendors, Jobs, Customers, Employers and more. Many items can be imported from Excel worksheets to speed up the process.

5. Learn and refine workflows through November 15

After the basic files are started, you will be developing and learning all the workflows in detail:

  • Payable invoice processing and payments
  • Customer Invoicing and Deposit entry
  • Payroll Processing and more.

Now is the time to understand and practice everything so that the go-live time is smooth.

6. Engage other apps, third-party, etc., through November 15

Using SSO, Paperless, or other apps such as timekeeping programs? Time is needed to coordinate the training and setup for these.

7. Ensure readiness by December 1

Check yourself on program knowledge, necessary reports and forms.

Review processes; make sure everyone understands what they will be doing. Are your check forms, invoices and other documents designed and ready to go?

8. Schedule your go-live data by December 15

A January 1 go-live is “as of” January 1st, so your actual inputting/importing data could be before or after January 1st. PLAN AHEAD — especially if you need to schedule import or internal resources. What date will you have your invoices ready for import? What date do you need to begin writing checks? These factors affect the actual date you do the work.

9. Input or import data by the last week of December to the first week of January

As of your go-live date, you will be either inputting or importing certain items:

  • Open Payable invoices
  • Open Receivable invoices
  • Opening Bank Reconciliation items
  • Trial Balance for December 31
  • Whatever job cost and billing history is desired

Depending on the volume of data you can choose to input these items, or take advantage of importing services provided by Ledgerwood Associates consultants.

10. Now you are live! — January 1

The “go-live” date is when you are processing your transactions live in the program, and not using your old software anymore. January 1 is a popular date since it is the beginning of the year for many companies. Planning your conversion for January 1st go-live is also the easiest payroll conversion date. Plan ahead and be ready by mid-December and have a smooth conversion!

The good news is that you have plenty of resources to help.

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