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Like any software publisher, Sage makes minor and major version software upgrades. There are a myriad of reasons for this, mostly to do with requested features or minor fixes for ‘bugs.”

Occasionally, it may have to do with your operating system (Windows versions) or it could be how data is treated (some Versions may “see” legacy data in incompatible terms). This is where the Sage Certified Consultants at LAI can make a major impact on the success of your upgrade.

Take advantage of the system updates and enhancements! These are part of what you are paying for, for being “on plan” with Sage. Generally, feature upgrades are designed to increase efficiencies, speed, and user experience.

Upgrading process

Unless you have a formal IT Department committed to reading and understanding Version Release Notes (and can successfully apply System Requirements prior to updates), critical information can easily slip by. Are you willing to gamble that your entire accounting system could possibly go down for hours or days?*

Why wouldn’t I spend $500 for a few hours of consultant’s time and have my upgrade installed professionally and quickly? It would cost me so much more down the road if the software “breaks!” — Pam Mollsen, Controller, Brignall Construction

Leave it to the experts! Simply booking 2-3 hours of Consultant’s time can possibly save thousands of dollars and hours of lost productivity!

Unsupported version and operating systems

Sage no longer supports Sage CRE Versions 9.5 and earlier, nor Windows 7 or Windows Vista. If you are off plan or on extremely old Timberline product – it is extremely critical that you engage professional help to migrate your historical data and configure your software.

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