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Accelerating Excel

True Sky Corporate Performance Management (CPM) software

Simplifying the budgeting and forecasting process

True Sky was founded by a team of CPAs and financial subject matter experts (SMEs), specifically for budgeting and forecasting areas of business.

True Sky software empowers CFOs and financial executives to act on their company’s financial data. An interface that uses the familiar interface of Excel with added functionality and controls to easily and effectively roll out enterprise budgets and forecasts — while still being robust, innovative, and intuitive.

Sage Executive Dashboard

Sage logoKey business metrics snapshot

Get immediate access to the business information you need to make informed decisions with the Executive Dashboard. Compatible with versions 13.1 and 14.1, the Executive Dashboard can be used without accessing Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate.

Stay on top of key company metrics with timely, customizable visibility to ensure the financial health of your business. Monitor trends such as project profitability, property occupancy, or cash flow to identify potential issues and take steps to avoid them. Once you drill down to the details, you can quickly analyze what needs to happen and set up safeguards to ensure your organization is always in alignment with its critical objectives.



 Sage Intelligence for Enterprise Management (formerly X3)

Sage logo

Make better business decisions

Designed for mid-sized manufacturing and distribution companies, Sage Enterprise Intelligence can help transform Sage ERP X3 transactional data into meaningful information, and distribute it to the business users that need insight to direct their actions.

Simply put, Sage Enterprise Intelligence provides all business users with better insight into information, and a simple tool that they can use to facilitate timely, fact-based decision making. The result is a significant reduction in the time and cost traditionally spent accessing and analyzing information.




Automatic alerts, report generation, and document distribution

MyAssistant for Sage 300 CRE is like a personal assistant to monitor your business and automatically deliver information to the people who need it – without the overhead. The main workflows in MyAssistant consists of Tasks and Notifications.

Tasks define the action MyAssistant will take, when it will take it, the information it provides, and to whom it will send notifications. You can modify any of the tasks that come with MyAssistant, or create your own.

Notifications are the results generated when a MyAssistant Task runs, such as a past due customer that needs attention. Each task contains a ‘condition’ that defines what items will be monitored – similar to a Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate (formerly Timberline Office) report condition. Over 330 pre-configured conditions come with MyAssistant, and each can be easily modified. Automatically generate notifications to the people you want on the schedule you set.


Sage MyCommunicator

Outlook add-on for MyAssistant

Now you can monitor, assign, and follow up on key activities in Sage 300 Construction without ever leaving your email application. Leverage the power of Outlook to request information, share important data, manage to-dos, and set reminders.

With Sage MyCommunicator, Sage 300 Construction data is embedded directly within your email, providing drill-down access to additional details as needed, so you can proactively make decisions, assign and monitor actionable tasks for employees and vendors, and improve communication both inside and outside your company.

Office Connector

Intelligent excel-based reporting

The Office Connector suite from Event 1 Software empowers you to use Microsoft Excel to transform how you work with your Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate data. This award winning suite consists of three separately licensed products (Office Connector (OC) Query, OC Write, and OC Import.) that allow you to move data between Microsoft Excel and Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate. You can create integrated Excel-based reports and refresh the information anytime and then, import the files into Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate Office to create transactions.


anterra business intelligenceConnect Sage 300 CRE to a Microsoft SQL Database

AnterraBI provides over 200 pre-built drill through dashboards, scorecards, graphs and analytic tools for Construction, Real Estate, and Development companies. View Sage 300 data from all of your data folders on the same report: GL, Job Cost, AP, Payroll, Service Management, Purchasing and Inventory, Project and Property Management. Connect an Excel spreadsheet to all of that data. Update your data continually, on demand, or on a specific schedule. Stop the pain of reviewing sterile column-based reports and, instead, have access to instant visibility of key performance indicators right on your desktop, laptop or iPad.

Crystal Reports

crystal reportsPresentation-quality reports at the touch of a button

SAP Crystal Reports for Sage 100 and Sage 300 will transform your data to robust, custom reports.

Simple design tools and built-in assistance guide you through common report-building tasks such as connecting to your data source, selecting fields and records, grouping, sorting, and formatting. Templates provide many standard formatting options, letting you easily select colors and fonts, include images, and add other elements such as your company logo. Report templates, including both formatting and data access operations, can be customized, saved, and applied consistently across a variety of reports.


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aatrixState and Federal payroll reports for Microsoft Windows

State & Federal Payroll Reports allows customers to automatically complete over 250 state & federal unemployment, withholding, and new hire reports from the data produced by their payroll software. Aatrix Payroll Reports also eliminate the need to create these reports manually. Once the reports are automatically completed, reviewed, and edited on screen, they are printed on plain paper, ready to be mailed–or eFiled* in minutes to the Aatrix eFile center for processing. The interface is simple to understand and easy to use, making quarterly and annual reporting a snap.


Liberty Reports


True excel-based reporting

Liberty Reports is Event 1 Software’s award winning Excel-based reporting technology.  Use it with Sage 100 Contractor to generate reports with your business data by transforming Excel into a powerful and intuitive reporting engine. Using the Liberty Reports add-in, Excel becomes the environment in which you design reports and run reports.  Produce highly effective and interactive results in Excel via Liberty Reports.


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