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    Project Management: the Starting Point to Actionable Profitability

    The methodology behind the madness, good project management is the infrastructure to the success of your projects. Communication is critical; centrally integrated data is imperative; change order management is crucial;  there ARE no insignificant components to successful Project Management.

    LAI is there to help you analyze and configure a Project Management solution based on the way YOU do business. This is a complex decision, with complex possibilities and outcomes. As former Construction Executives, our domain knowledge will help to craft a system to operate to its fullest business potential using your business drivers! LAI recommends two solutions, based on those drivers: Sage Project Management and InEight’s Hard Dollar Project Cost Management.

    Project Management is only as good as…

    ….its ability to provide easy access to relevant, timely information. An integrated Project Management solution also provides keen insight into day-to-day activities so you can ensure projects remain on schedule and on budget. Along the way you’ll be able to identify potential issues before they become problems—reducing risk and increasing project profitability.


    Ask the LAI Geek: Do I need Sage Project Management or Hard Dollar?

    Are you a Contractor, a Project Manager, or an Estimator?

    However you run your construction projects, you have unique business needs that require a somewhat customized solution. That’s where Ledgerwood comes in (we’re “geeks” when it comes to project management solutions). We’ll help you figure out which core software works best for your business, and how to configure it for your needs.



    Sage 300 CRE Project Management

    Designed to work with Sage 300 CRE (formerly Timberline), the Project Management module improves project communication between team members. Eliminate duplicate efforts by sharing data between departments and work processes. Get better control of the change management process…




    Hard Dollar Project Cost Management (PCM) by InEight

    Project stakeholders can therefore always accurately answer the question, “Where did you get that number?” Hard Dollar PCM’s open-integration standard receives project cost and productivity data from virtually any source, resulting in total project visibility…



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