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Online Training

Live software training

We don’t care if you’re locked in your office, or home with the dog! The point is, you are in your comfort zone with your peers, engaging LIVE and online with other Sage software users.lai-online-training Sessions are generally based around the Construction and Real Estate functions and features, but we can do custom classes too (below)!

For example, we have offered “Take the Fear Out of…Report Design” and “Take the Fear Out of…Crystal Reports” which have been highly successful. We added a Subcontractor Compliance Management course when that module was updated in a recent release of Sage 300 CRE. Also popular are Desktop & Security, and Inquiry Designer classes.

There are homework assignments and a test at the end of these online classes, so you can show the value of adding to your skill set!

Online interactive training value

Online Interactive Training offers you the training you want, at the time you want it for a fixed price. This is a service by which a Sage Certified Consultant will provide live training via GoToTraining. The nice thing about this service is that you can ask as many questions as you want; since the consultant is providing the training in real-time you can ask any questions, discuss concerns, or have them clarify some aspect of the training for you. Check out the upcoming Training on the LAI Training and Events page.

Customized, Private Training

Sometimes companies need re-training, or group learning topics. We can do that too! If you’ve exhausted Sage Help and LAI Standard Live Wire Training, you should consider asking for your OWN private online training!

What are the benefits of customized online interactive training?

  1. Training can be customized for either a company or an individual
  2. You can structure training around your schedule
  3. We offer flexible scheduling
  4. We can use either your data or sample data, your choice
  5. The cost is set up front

How Does Customized Online Interactive Training work?

You decide what you need training on. The consultant will talk with you to determine exactly what your training needs are and how your time and money will be best spent. Only then will we present you with a training agenda, proposed schedule and price. The price can be attended by as many people as you need.

This service is for you IF:

  1. You have a new employee who requires immediate training
  2. If you have current employees who need a refresher course or who have changed job duties within
    the company
  3. You need training but travel costs are prohibitive
  4. You have a new CFO, Project Manager or Estimator who needs an immediate overview of your system

Still not sure?

If you’re still not sure if this service is for you, why not ask Carolyn Carter? As our Customer Care Coordinator, she can quickly and easily help you identify if this is the right service for you.  Is it cost and time effective?  Will it give you maximum benefits for your expenditure? You won’t know unless you ask: 480.423.8300!

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