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Implementation Process

Initial implementationinstalling-sw

This service is for clients who purchase a brand new system or existing clients who purchase a new module. This is when LAI physically loads software on your network or local drives, loads sample data, and test the print drivers. This is typically a ‘generic’ process, which doesn’t include any custom configuration.

Planning the “Scope of Work” (SOW)

Next, we will meet with you to talk about your business processes in a discovery meeting. We will prepare a Scope of Work based on our meeting, and deliver a Project Schedule.  This tells you what services we will be performing, the modules we will be implementing, and the estimated time frame it will take to complete the project. We also deliver a detailed budget which includes hours in dollars for our services, as well as hours from your personnel.

Two-way communication

While we are in the implementation process, we will:

  • Meet weekly with your project team to make sure the project remains on schedule
  • Prepare an issues and resolution list
  • Ensure the project remains on schedule
  • Check to make sure you are satisfied with the progress being made
  • Compare the budgeted hours and dollars for the project to the actual as we go to help track your cost every step of the way

Make a note to call our Customer Care Coordinator, Carolyn Carter (480.423.8300). She is there to ensure you have a smooth implementation all the way through. Our goal is to make you a lifetime partner of Ledgerwood Associates!


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