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Customer Relationship Management System

Current & Future Interactions

The pulse of your business

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is far more than just a software application. It is a business solution that gives you the ability to connect with, understand, and cover every interaction with REAL people — your customers — across your entire business.

Sage CRM is an affordable, adaptable and easy to use CRM solution designed with the needs of small and medium sized companies at its core. Using Sage CRM will enable companies to save time, increase productivity, and gain greater visibility across the business for actionable decision making.

Enhance your customers’ expereience with processes they never even see — improved business processes, closer management of (new and existing) customer relationships, increased revenues, and decreased inefficiencies.

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Gain visibility – from anywhere via mobile

Anytime, anywhere

Access client and pipeline information anytime and anywhere from your mobile device. The Sage CRM mobile solution supports Apple iPhone, Android smartphones, and the latest tablet devices, delivering a rich, browser-based user experience and enabling you to work productively from any location. You can easily check on the progress of a customer order and find out which customers you need to call. You can also search and update contacts, opportunities, leads, and cases and run and view reports on the move for ultimate efficiency.

Out of the office? No problem!

Having access to this critical customer information on the road ensures you have the information you need to prepare for important customer meetings and make great sales pitches. Additionally, your customer service teams can access details of their customer cases when on the road or at customer sites, helping them to become more productive and service
your customers more effectively.

Departmental Functions


  • Launch email campaigns to generate leads
  • Measure effectiveness of marketing campaigns
  • Keep in touch with existing clients to obtain referrals and win repeat business
  • Tap into social media activity for a more holistic view of the customer

Customer service

  • View history of interactions with the customers for meaningful conversations
  • Track and respond to customer issues
  • Log conversations and schedule follow-up activities for improved account management
  • Report on/view issues that impact overall customer service
  • Encourage repeat business by delivering better customer service


  • Target clients and projects to go after
  • Log conversations and emails and schedule follow-up activities with key decision makers
  • View a pipeline that tracks all your quotes and bids
  • Forecast project backlog and report on bid activity
  • View trends to improve your bid strategy
  • Compare the activity and results of your business development and sales staff
  • Referrals, repeat business


Yes, CRM is for Construction, too!

Accelerate your construction business growth

Did you know that only 11% of contractors are using CRM to build new business? (Source: Sage 2014 Construction Survey). Considering this low curve of the industry’s technology adoption, you’ll be happy to know that advantages to Sage CRM are easy deployment, low IT burden, and broad configurability.

And with the construction economy recovering, you know it’s important to get new customers and keep the clients you have! In a highly competitive industry like construction, a solution that manages business development to bid tracking, from marketing and sales to customer management – could be the competitive edge that makes your company rise above the rest.

Sage CRM is well suited for the construction industry. Get all of your departments on the same page and the same team by unifying project communication and processes. Fill your pipeline and create a backlog by building repeat business, referrals and best-fit work.

Track bidding process

Sage CRM helps construction businesses like yours by simplifying the bidding process and making the most of every opportunity, giving you a new competitive advantage. With instant access to sales pipeline information, contacts, calendars, and sales reports, your estimators and business development staff are freed up from tracking the bid process so they can focus all their efforts on winning the work. With personalized workflows and reminders, following up with each potential customer is made easy, and every aspect of the sales process can be well managed from the initial lead through to the close.

Gain new single-view visibility across the business

Your sales, service, and project teams can all access an intuitive and centralized workspace for viewing and updating any customer or business-contact communications. Information stays accurate and up to date all from one screen. In addition, customers, partners, and suppliers can view specific status information themselves, updating information as needed. Workflows and information can all be easily personalized based on the type of construction or specialty work you do.

Target marketing, sales efforts

With Sage CRM you can create and track the success of your marketing campaigns and sales efforts. Emails and outbound calls are easily tracked and assessed with precision and ease. Sage CRM also works with key social media applications including LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, helping you to reach and engage with your customers and prospects across multiple touch points. Using a variety of email templates, tracking and reporting capabilities, and easily customizable workflows, your marketing investments get better results.

Deliver exceptional customer service

Sage CRM enables you to see a full view into your customer interactions so you can deliver an exceptional customer experience every time, regardless of your size. Using a centralized knowledgebase and powerful reporting tools, you have access to accurate customer information right across departments. Quickly search and update contacts, opportunities, leads, and cases. Service teams at the office or in the field can have more meaningful conversations with customers, be more productive, leading to increased customer satisfaction levels and faster results.

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