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Customer Relationship Management System

Current & Future Interactions

    Who Needs CRM? Everyone!

    Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM) is a critical business strategy ranging from cradle to grave for your company. From the very first nurturing campaign, to creating a quote, from closing to customer service – CRM is a tool that fits across business units. We’ll break it down by users in our Persona Infographic (below), by functionality, and by department. Read on!

    Great client relationships are critical

    And as your firm grows, it’s critical to maintain your focus on what’s happening with key business contacts. Customer relationship management (CRM) processes and software give everyone in your firm access to up-to-date customer and prospect information so you can easily manage business development interactions, keep track of quotes and bids, ensure consistent customer service, and earn more business from existing clients.

    Acquire more customers and keep the ones you have!

    Identify your best opportunities

    What’s your profit goal and how will you reach it? know which customers are the best fit for your business and focus on building great reltionships with them.

    Centralize client data and share information

    When an employee leaves your company, prevent the loss of key contact information. CRM shares imformation across the organization so you can easily network and communicate with past, current, and future clients.

    Build a consistent approach to winning work

    Standardize workflow, guide repeatable processes, and ensure consistent marketing, sales, and customer service delivery.

    Gain visibility – from anywhere via mobile

    Monitor your business development pipeline to see trends, measure ROI, and ensure you are on track to keep your backlog full. Access client and pipeline information anytime and anywhere from your mobile device.

    Fill your pipeline; cultivate a backlog

    • Referrals
    • Repeat business
    • Best-fit work

    Departmental Functions


    • Launch email campaigns to generate leads
    • Measure effectiveness of marketing campaigns
    • Keep in touch with existing clients to obtain referrals and win repeat business
    • Tap into social media activity for a more holistic view of the customer


    • Target clients and projects to go after
    • Log conversations and emails and schedule follow-up activities with key decision makers
    • View a pipeline that tracks all your quotes and bids
    • Forecast project backlog and report on bid activity
    • View trends to improve your bid strategy
    • Compare the activity and results of your business development and sales staff

    Customer service

    • View history of interactions with the customers for meaningful conversations
    • Track and respond to customer issues
    • Log conversations and schedule follow-up activities for improved account management
    • Report on and view issues that can impact overall customer service
    • Encourage repeat business by delivering better customer service

    Yes, CRM is for Construction, too!

    Get the Competitive Advantage

    Did you know that only 11% of contractors are using CRM to build new business? (Source: Sage 2014 Construction Survey)

    With the construction economy recovering, you know it’s important to get new customers and keep the clients you have! In a highly competitive industry like construction, a solution that manages business development to bid tracking, from marketing and sales to customer management – could be the competitive edge that makes your company rise above the rest. Get all of your departments on the same page and the same team by unifying communication and processes. Fill your pipeline and create a backlog by building repeat business, referrals and best-fit work.

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