Smooth Sailing for Upgrading Sage 300 CRE

Recently at a CFMA meeting, I spoke with an accountant who was on a REALLY old version of Timberline. Commenting that Sage has made great enhancements in the last few versions, and that some upgrades may be required to support filing year end (with Aatrix), I incredulously asked her why. She simply stated, “It’s not broke.” smooth-sailing-300x199

Of course, Sage would like clients to upgrade to the latest technology. But sometimes, clients are not quite ready to make a commitment and count on Ledgerwood to steer them in the right direction.

Ledgerwood consultants have a LOT of input and advice on upgrades. Let’s face it; they’re the ones out there dealing with bugs and fixes, under the pressure of performing to a client’s budget and business requirements (makes marketing look pretty stress-free!).

Learn About Upgrading Sage 300 CRE

In the Ledgerwood Associates September newsletter, Certified Sage Consultant, Kyle Zeigler addresses whether (and when) you should upgrade. (It will be in the “Sage 300 Tips” section of the LAI Newsletter. If you’re not signed up for the Newsletter, you can here.)

However, I will give you a little excerpt  from Kyle on how to experience “Smooth Sailing” when you decide the time is right to take the plunge:

Several months ago, we presented you with the things you should consider when preparing to upgrade your Sage 300 CRE software. This month we’d like to discuss whether you should upgrade your Sage 300 CRE software.

Most of you probably know that Sage supports the newest version of the software along with the two prior versions. The newest release as of this writing is version 13.1, and the two prior versions are 12.1 and 9.8. We know that some customers prefer not to upgrade immediately to the newest version, and instead choose to upgrade to the next version in sequence. This strategy is fine if you’re upgrading from version 9.7 to 9.8, but it’s not going to work for you if you plan to upgrade from 9.8 to 12.1. Version 12.1 contains some significant changes to the data structure which were further enhanced in version 13.1, and Sage recommends that customers bypass 12.1 and upgrade directly to 13.1.

“Smooth Sailing for Upgrading Sage 300 CRE” will also be the topic for the upcoming Ledgerwood Skill Savor luncheons. Not only do you get a free, hot lunch but you get to pick our consultant’s brains on specific situations or lob questions to peers on their experiences.

The Skill Savor events are on September 25th in Scottsdale, and October 9th in Denver. There is no cost to you, but we ask you honor your RSVP as space is limited (also if you need to cancel, let us know so that we can alert the caterer).  Register here. Hope to see you there!