Six ways to reduce your Professional Services costs

Keys to the Kingdom

I  know, I know — telling you how NOT to spend money with Ledgerwood Associates may sound contradictory. But to truly be a good Sage VAR, we should help you to scale your business while watching your bottom line. castle-doorPurchasing actual software often represents only HALF (sometimes even more) of the total expense; you still need implementation and consulting hours which add to the total investment. So we’re going to give you the keys to the kingdom, with the hope that you’ll return to visit us with future business needs that we can help you solve!

During Implementation:

  1. Assign a Scope Leader. Often, the purchasing person is not the same person who is responsible for the implementation within your organization. The Scope Leader should aggregate the requirements from EVERYONE involved in the discovery, selection, and implementation processes and make sure they are included and clearly defined before signing the scope agreement. Also, take the advice of your LAI implementation Project Manager to avoid additional consulting time.
  2. Avoid sticker shock. Sign off on the scope before work begins (whether implementation or ad hoc). Often, the overwhelming desire to “put out the fire” may result into a financial debate when the issue has cooled.
  3. Make an implementation plan. Follow the implementation guideline and earn the core basics first, and then add more modules as your skill set ramps up. Keep customization to a minimum until you you’re familiar with what the system can do. Don’t pay for what you don’t know yet.

Support/Ad-hoc Consulting:

  1. Define key personnel. Provide the points of contact within your company needing support  (estimating, accounting and project management) so all the issues are collected and triaged at once.
  2. Combine your issues. Don’t one-off 15 minute questions/emails – send one laundry list a day, to reduce maximum billing time
  3. Don’t pay twice! When a consultant is on site, make sure you archive the “fix” or resolution and save it for future reference. You’d be surprised at how many companies pay for fixing the same problem for different personnel!

When you need expert consulting or training, call Ledgerwood Associates at 480-423-8300. We’re here for the lifetime of your software investment!