Scheduling reports in Sage 100 Contractor

by Kelcie Jensen, Sage Certified Consultant

Use ‘Scheduling’ function for reports efficiency

Reports are the life-blood for all of us in the construction industry. Sage 100 Contractor provides for detailed accounting and project management reports. But many clients can become bogged down with time constraints needed to run every report for each person in the office.

So what can be done to keep our much needed reports from becoming too much of a good thing? Consider utilizing scheduled reports. By scheduling the reports, accounting and project management information can be available at the drop of a hat. As long as the computer is on, Sage will process the report and either print, e-mail, or fax the report at whatever time you specify.

5 simple steps for setup:

  1. Select the report that you want printed on a pre-determined schedule
  2. Click File, then Scheduling.
    • Note: Reports that have an option selection are unavailable to be scheduled because there are programming restrictions behind the report. Contact your consultant if you would like to convert a locked report into a version that can be scheduled.
  3. Next, set the output options and determine the schedule for when the report should run.
  4. Identify how often you would like the report to run.
  5. Enter your Windows credentials (how you log into your computer) and click Save Schedule.


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