Save Time in AP with Recurring Invoices

Manage Your Payables

Overlooked or delayed payables entries can mean incomplete or inaccurate job cost and general ledger information. The Recurring Invoices option in AP is a great way to manage these types of payables saving you time and money.

Most companies have at least some payments that are made to the same vendor for the same amount on some kind of scheduled basis.  These are your monthly rent, loan and lease payments, quarterly and annual contract fees, and similar kinds of payables.  You may not even receive an invoice for some of them and instead rely on lists and reminders to make sure they are paid.

Use Recurring Invoices to enter the payables once with the details, distributions and recurrence patterns, and then easily generate invoices for these payables.  Add them to your open payables database according to their payment schedules and improve timeliness in posting distribution information to job cost and general ledger.

Use Recurring Invoices to:

  • Create recurring payables for amortized or fixed amounts
  • Specify joint payees at the invoice level or at the distribution level
  • Assign payables to customized groups to easily report on them
  • Set specific weekly, monthly and annual recurrence frequencies
  • Create on-demand payables that don’t fit a fixed schedule
  • Set limits on the number of invoices, total dollars, or date range
  • Easily edit recurring invoices if amounts or other variables change.

More help:

  • In AP, select Recurring Invoices from the Setup menu.

On the Setup Recurring Invoices screen, click the Help button.

  • Detailed information on setting up recurring invoices is available for you to view or print.

Submitted by Ledgerwood Associates Consultant, Kyle Zeigler.