Save Benjamins on Sage Software

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Save on software that will make your work life better EVERY day – Sage Estimating, Service Operations and Construction Project Center!

  • Save up to 25% on Sage Estimating software when replacing your current estimating or digital takeoff solution!  
  • Save up to 20% on Sage Service Operations (SSO) for Sage 300 CRE 
  • Save up to 20% on Sage Construction Project Center (SCPC) for Sage 100 CON or 300 CRE

Save some Benjamins!

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Why invest in more software?

Biggest Estimating release in a decade!

In case you missed it — Sage Estimating has been repackaged, including new functionality and modernized deployment—evolving and innovating to meet the demands of customers and the market. And now Estimating Standard customers have a clear migration path to SQL. Read more HERE.

SCPC makeover

Estimating wasn’t the only product that got some development love from Sage last year. With improved  usability, new features, and modernized GUI (graphics user interface) – “SCPC” is a stunner! Read more HERE.

SSO for Sage 100 Contractor

Service and specialty contractors face a slew of complexities every day. From keeping up with paper work orders to timely and accurate billing and payroll—all while keeping customers happy! When you add SSO, you’ll not only streamline your service department, you will boost your bottom line!