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Sage Estimating

Sage Estimating – Totally Rebuilt on SQL!

Sage Estimating has been repackaged, including new functionality and modernized deployment—evolving and innovating to meet the demands of customers and the market. In this reconstructed solution, Sage Estimating Core will replace Sage Estimating Standard, and Sage Estimating Core Plus will replace Sage Estimating Extended.

New features, functionality & repackaging include:

  • Modularization provides product packaging that provides choice, scale, and flexibility based on functional need and complexity.
  • Alternates give estimators the ability to filter and present estimates based upon the various ‘options’ that might be included in or excluded from the final approved project scope.
  • Data Connector delivers additional capabilities, enhancing Excel integration that allows estimators to quickly import or export Alternates or WBS values, and enables sharing of common WBS libraries and pre-fill of WBS lists.
  • No more dongles! Virtual Licensing eliminates the need for physical USB devices and product activation codes. (Note: Databases still require activation codes.)
  • Ribbon, Shortcut Menu Refinements offer improved look and feel and simplified (content specific) spreadsheet shortcut menu.
  • Sage 100 Contractor integration enables integration between Sage 100 Contractor (SQL) and Sage SQL Estimating.
  • And much more including WBS selection workflow, insert columns, and non-unique estimate names.

Sage Estimating Core versus Core Plus

This matrix will help you decide which version of Sage Estimating and which server (SQL or Pervasive)  fits with your bidding needs:


Industry Cost Databases & Knowledgebases

LAI offer four types of industry-standard resources to add accuracy and speed to your Sage Estimating Core or Estimating Core Plus software:

  • Sage Advanced Assembly databases
  • Sage Estimating databases
  • Sage Estimating knowledgebases
  • Construction Support Services (CSS) knowledgebases

For a list of Cost Databases and Knowledgebases, click here.


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