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Sage Estimating

Win More Work!

Winning bids is key to keeping your project backlog healthy. Of course you want to win the right bids, the ones you can count on to be profitable! Your keys to success are having accurate estimates that you can trust will result in profitable jobs and being able to quickly produce estimates so you can bid on multiple jobs at one time.

Award Winning Estimating Software

No More Spreadsheets!!

Many estimators are still using generic spreadsheets to build their estimates. A risky business practice to say the least. Deleting a cell and the built-in formula can create havoc. And, errors aside—what about standardization? With different estimators doing their own thing, inconsistent processes can result in confusion and if something’s overlooked, your profit margins may be in serious jeopardy.

Job Cost Integration

With Sage Estimating, you can feel confident about your estimates from the moment you begin the bid process. We can help you save time, curb risk, and maximize profits by automating your entire estimating procedure. Sage estimating software is integrated with our market-leading accounting and operations software, so that once you win a bid, you can import your estimate into job costing and get started right away.

Works out of the box, yet configures easily

There’s no one-size-fits-all for all construction companies, so choose the industry-leading Sage Estimating solution that best meets your particular needs and business requirements. Plus, to get you up and running quickly, select from a full range of industry-specific databases. Select from a pre-defined framework with hundreds of items and assemblies or pick a turnkey, out-of-the-box industry database requiring a minimal amount of customization.

Estimating Selections

Sage Estimating Standard

Standard combines key estimating efficiencies with all the ease and intuitive point-and-click, drag-and-drop technology available. Get more estimating muscle with RSMeans databases or the Advanced Assembly Databases developed to support the distinct requirements of various industry-specific contractors. Industry Knowledgebases employ built-in intelligence, prompting you for only the data needed to calculate quantities and costs for a given assembly, such as a wall or a foundation for an entire home or commercial structure. Within seconds, you can sort estimates by estimator, bid date, estimate number, and job type with the Sage Estimating.
Explorer management tool.

Sage Estimating Extended

The powerhouse of our estimating modules, Sage Estimating Extended offers you the most comprehensive package of advanced estimating tools. The software starts with the power of Sage Estimating Standard and adds even greater takeoff, analysis, and productivity capabilities. Make the most of Model Estimating to generate detailed, conceptual estimates by answering a series of basic questions about a project. Model Estimating also provides a method for doing form-based takeoff and spec-driven takeoff.

*Integrates with Sage 100 Contractor and Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate..

Discover more about Sage Estimating as a stand-alone application or integrated with with comprehensive Sage business management solutions for construction and real estate.

Industry Cost Databases & Knowledgebases

LAI offer four types of industry-standard resources to add accuracy and speed to your Sage Estimating Standard or Estimating Extended software (not compatible with Estimating Basic):

  • Sage Advanced Assembly databases
  • Sage Estimating databases
  • Sage Estimating knowledgebases
  • Construction Support Services (CSS) knowledgebases

For a list of Cost Databases and Knowledgebases, click here.


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