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Sage X3 Food and Beverage Manufacturing Software

Streamline Compliance and Eliminate Inefficiency

Food and beverage companies face more regulatory pressure every day. The FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) put into effect in 2011, includes new regulations that will change how you track, process, and package your products. The FDA is doubling its inspection schedule every year to make sure those regulations are followed. Many companies will lose productivity implementing compliance, or be slapped with a fine.

Those policies can feel like a burden. But regulatory compliance is also an opportunity. While your competitors are struggling to meet new regulations or suffering fines, Sage X3 (formerly known as Sage ERP X3) Food and Beverage manufacturing software will help you comply quickly so you can focus on growing your company. Thorough compliance assures your customers of your commitment to excellence. Sage X3 makes your business more transparent and more responsive to customer questions. As your business grows and requirements change, Sage X3 adapts to help you meet new requirements without increasing overhead.

How leading food and beverage companies pursue success through technology

Kelly Tryon, the CIO of Nonni’s Biscotti said, “The solution is built for this industry.” Why did he endorse X3? Because of food and beverage transparency tools like:

  • Recipe and formula management
  • Shelf life management with expiration date control
  • GMOs and origin labeling
  • Traceability into recalls, expiration management, sustainability, and allergen-free production


ERP in food and beverage

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Farm-to-fork transparency made simple

The FSMA is pushing companies toward further transparency in every stage of the food production cycle, from farming to distribution. Customers, too, want more transparency from farm to fork. Sage X3 makes lot tracking, traceability, and business intelligence easy—so you can improve transparency and give your customers confidence that they know the history of your product.

Forecasting supply and demand

Food companies deal with some of the most volatile supply and demand in business. Bad weather strikes, crops fail, a new food trend pops up, and all of a sudden you have way too little product—or way too much. Although some element of the unpredictable will always remain, good business intelligence can help you predict seasonal changes in supply and demand so you can stock up or sell out accordingly. Sage X3 provides that intelligence in a customizable,easy-to-use interface.

The Aberdeen Group recently found that over half of food and beverage companies struggle to anticipate demand, leading to wasted stock or lost sales from understocking. With the powerful business intelligence tools in Sage X3, you can quickly draw on historic data to produce accurate forecasts—saving you money.

Robust core technology for the Food & Beverage industry

Sage X3 is a robust and adaptable technology platform with industry-leading mobile options. The solution requires fewer add-ons than other Business Management software, reducing installation cost and IT issues. It also works well with essential food industry plug-ins like Genesis R&D Product Development and Labeling Software and EDI. Other key functions, like process manufacturing capability, are supported out of the box. Furthermore, Sage X3 boasts easy-to-use mobile options that get information to all your personnel, allowing them to get the information they need when they need it.

In addition, Sage X3 provides a solution for growth with software designed to support your operations for years to come. Unlike some competing ERPs that are built on legacy software, Sage  X3 version 7 has recently been completely updated to the latest technological standards, ensuring its readiness to adapt to changing regulations and business pressures. As your business grows, Sage ERP X3 grows with you, giving you confidence to meet future regulatory and operations challenges with ease.




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