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The Industry Standard for Construction Management Software

The construction industry has specific accounting needs not associated with many other businesses, so it’s important for  construction accounting software to meet the industry’s business needs. Whether you’re the GC or the sub-contractor, Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate (formerly Timberline) can help you improve profitability, boost revenue, and win more bids.

When you pair LAI’s Professional Services expertise with Sage 300 CRE suite of software products – you’ve just  launched your mission critical solution. Start with LAI’s collaborative process to ‘discover’ which business gaps you currently have in your software needs, and what resources it will take to implement a custom solution.  Then, build your Sage 300 system to resolve those needs.

Start with the ‘core’ accounting products in Sage 300 ( GL, AP, AR, Job Costing, Billing, Payroll, Equipment Cost, and Remote Time Entry) and integrate other modules based on your unique business environment (Project Management, Property Management, Estimating, Reporting, Document Management, Fixed Assets) and other third-party applications.


You tell us what you NEED, and we’ll show you a software solution that will help you DO it. NO BIG DEAL, right? Just CLICK

Full Project Control

Sage 300 CRE provides full extended accounting with customizable reporting to maximize profit. Improve cash flow, control company costs, and always know where you stand financially.

This construction and property management software solution provides critical information on project activities, standardizes workflow, and lets you take control of the details.  Mirroring many of the paper documents you probably already use, Sage 300 CRE is easy to seamlessly insert into your current company environment.

Build better estimates with trade-specific databases and digital plan takeoff support. Eliminate redundant entries and data loss.  Be more efficient. Generate quicker bids with more precision.

Reduce the paper space.  Intelligently store searchable electronic documents in your own classification system.  No more digging through boxes of binders to find the right paperwork.  Take better control of your documents to ensure a clean audit trail and reduce your risk.

Does your company need to:

  • Integrate processes and workflows for your organization
  • Eliminate redundant tasks and reduce resources
  • Build winning estimates with an automated estimating process
  • Pro-actively manage the project with real time data
  • Access complex data in simple reports at the drop of a dime
  • Control job costs and manage vendors
  • Set up workflows and business processes with automated alerts to simplify and replace complex manual procedures
  • Integrate the field for digital data capture and return valuable timely data back to the field
  • Do you need to grow without having to add manual administrative positions

 Full Competency Integration

Sage 300 CRE serves your complete business needs with authorized third-party integration software, including mobile and cloud, plus optional Sage solutions.

Sage approved third-party software:

Additional Sage 300 fully integrated modules:

  • Sage Service Operations
  • Sage Bid Management
  • Sage Construction Project Center
  • eSUB
  • eTakeoff


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