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Sage 100 Contractor

Construction Software Based on the Project Lifecycle

Beyond the basics

Move your contracting business to the next phase of growth. When you were taking your first steps as a contractor, you may have gotten along fine with a spreadsheet and some basic  ookkeeping software. But now, the stakes are higher. You’re dealing with more projects. More details. More complexity. The need for construction-specific software to help you manage it all and ensure your company is profitable has never been greater.

Start your next step with Sage 100 Contractor. It goes beyond basic accounting, putting you in total command of your projects. Discover what you can do with information that flows seamlessly from the estimate to the job site to the financial statement. See what happens when you can manage accounting, project management, estimating, and service management tasks all in one place.

Tie estimating, project management, and accounting all together

When your business is ready to move from canned accounting software like QuickBooks, and transition to construction specific accounting software – Sage 100 Contractor is right for you.

It’s time for software that allows you to get the ‘big picture’ and drill down to the details.  Sage 100 Contractor (formerly MasterBuilder) takes your business to the next level by putting you in total control of your project information and financials.

Execute and integrate construction estimating, project management, accounting, subcontract and service management, reports and analysis all from one easy-to-use software solution. All of your critical business information – from job costing to project management – are accessible and actionable in friendly dashboards with over 1,200 reports and customizable alerts.

Trust your numbers!

Put your off-the-shelf bookkeeping software back on the shelf.

Accounting and job costing are the backbone of every contractor’s business. But do you have a single accounting system that’s capable of meeting all of your crucial, construction-specific needs? Is there too much back-and-forth miscommunication between your team members? Sage 100 Contractor is an accrual-based, construction-specific accounting system that can perform all of your advanced construction accounting requirements as well as manage much of your operations. It gives you the confidence you need to run your business, your projects, and your payroll with optimum efficiency and accuracy.

Are you thinking you’ve outgrown off-the-shelf software like Quickbooks? Click HERE for “7 ways to tell if you’re ready to change construction systems.” Need help convincing the team that the investment is worth it? Read “10 ways your integrated software system can pay for itself.”

Let Mark Jensen, LAI’s Sage 100 expert walk you through a quick demo to show you the Sage 100 will help your company grow to the next level!


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