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Construction Software Based on the Project Lifecycle

Beyond the basics

Sage 100 Contractor (formerly MasterBuilder) is one of the most widely-used software systems in the construction environment! With a simplified, yet comprehensive feature set, it’s known for competently handling the needs of a wide variety of construction firms and its fast implementation process. Easy to implement, with a quick learning curve, Sage 100 Contractor is available as an on-premises package or on an affordable subscription basis.

Sage 100 CON’s suite of applications encompass the entire construction cycle — including estimating, accountingjob costing, project scheduling and management, and service management. An interactive dashboard provides instant visibility into the status of current job costs, pending operations, or company performance. It also enables users to drill down into larger data sets and see further details like invoices generated, or the latest change order.


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Job cost accounting to manage your growth

Outgrown Quickbooks?

When you were taking your first steps as a contractor, you may have gotten along fine with a spreadsheet and some basic bookkeeping software. But now, the stakes are higher. You’re dealing with more projects. More details. More complexity. The need for construction-specific software to help you manage it all and ensure your company is profitable has never been greater.

Start your next step with Sage 100 Contractor. It goes beyond basic accounting, putting you in total command of your projects. Discover what you can do with information that flows seamlessly from the estimate to the job site to the financial statement. See what happens when you can manage accounting, project management, estimating, and service management tasks all in one place.

Execute and integrate construction estimating, project management, accounting, subcontract and service management, reports and analysis all from one easy-to-use software solution. All of your critical business information – from job costing to project management – are accessible and actionable in friendly dashboards with over 1,200 reports and customizable alerts.

Improve system performance and data security with SQL Server

Utilizing a high-performance SQL Server database can vastly improve scalability, security, reliability, and data analysis. Sage Construction and Real Estate offers several robust business management solutions built specifically for the construction industry to help contractors run their business smoothly and efficiently. Growing contractors can take advantage of Sage 100 Contractor, now built on the powerful SQL platform. The solution, which is easy to use yet built specifically for contractors, will grow and scale along their business needs and is the perfect long-term choice.

Companies with more complex financial and business tracking needs can use Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate. Built on the Pervasive database, the data can be converted to SQL using the Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate SQL Gateway for increased reporting and data consolidation options. Combined with Sage Estimating, also built on the SQL platform, it’s a powerful and robust solution that meets the requirements of large, intricate organizations. Whatever your challenges and needs, Sage Construction and Real Estate has a solution that will work for you.

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