Sage 100 CON V21.2 cleans up your files

by Pam Schulz, Sage Certified Consultant

New features will declutter your system 

It’s always a good time to do some clean-up and decluttering of your construction accounting system. New program enhancements in Version 21.2 will help, going WAY beyond what was possible before!

Merge records

Do you have “duplicate” vendors or clients? Now you can “merge” their records:

  • The Vendor Setup screen (4-4) and the Client Setup screen (3-6) have new options to MERGE records. The invoices and other associated records will be combined into one record, and the other record will be made inactive. Do this NOW- a little spent now is better than getting an error message for a duplicate vendor when you are trying to meet a 1099 deadline.

Inactivate records

Do you have General Ledger accounts or Cost Codes that need to be phased out? Use the “Inactive Record” feature to eliminate these choices from the pull down menus so users stop posting to these items and they can then be deleted after archiving.

  • To label a Cost Code as “inactive,” note the column in the Cost Code setup screen (option 6-5.) To label a General Ledger account as inactive, see the “Edit>Inactive Record” option in the General Ledger account setup screen (option 1-7). Inactive records do not show up in lookup windows — force users to stop using inactive records NOW so you can ultimately delete the unwanted record sooner. (Some records are just “pesky” — you can’t delete them, like System required accounts — but labeling them as inactive will remove their clutter.

Update your security setup

New choices available:

  • New Security options allow you to designate the users allowed to use the “Exclusive Access” option to log in. This option, along with the “Administrative Rights” option are now visible only to users who have been granted the right. While some may not think of your nightly backup as “Security,” it is an important component to the safety of your data. New options now allow the nightly backup to be copied to an alternate location to allow even better data protection.

Update your Vendor Certificates and take advantage of the new JOB SPECIFIC Vendor Certificates

  • You can now track Vendor Certificates by job in addition to the “general” tracking. This is a great time to update all vendor files — not just with the Job Specific security, but also with new W-9 and address verification information. Don’t wait until January. You can easily set up a W-9 as a certificate and enact all of the expired warnings that go along with this — to make sure you get your updated W-9 by year end.

Update Employee Information- plus view the Raise History!

In addition to the program tracking future raises, you can “backfill” prior information

  • Updating employee information now will save having to change addresses when you are busy with W-2s. You can now do ‘more’ in this screen. The Raise History button opens to show raises that occur — you can backfill history as desired. In addition, the new “Custom Fields” option allows the creation of unlimited custom fields in many screens; use this to add fields like T-Shirt sizes, etc. Don’t forget to update employee’s training and licenses, and create ALERTS to be notified when critical expirations are pending.

A little time spent now will surely pay off many times over! Take care of this easy cleanup now, so you can focus better later.

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