Review your server for now and the future

By Ruth Stockdale, Director of Professional Services

Make an annual appointment with your IT team

A reliable and robust server platform is a requirement for any software, including your Sage products. You may have recently upgraded or changed servers to accommodate a software upgrade. Or you may be planning for that in the near future. There are many reasons to review your server and network on a regular basis.

Although you should not need to change equipment every year, you should do at least a brief system review every year. This applies whether you are using on-premise equipment or a hosted (cloud) service. Here are some key points to consider in that review.

Discuss your own business requirements:

  • A change in number of users
  • A change in locations of users
  • A need for more software for mobile and productivity uses
  • Touchpoints with external software—with customers or vendors
  • Future operational expectations

Review system requirements:

  • Double check minimum and optimum recommendations for your Sage products
  • Consider requirements for add-on software and non-Sage products
  • Consider projections for Windows requirements
  • Stay in touch with industry options for hardware and hosted services

Identify your expectations:

  • Find out what level of system response time and processing speeds are needed; human productivity is affected if there are wait times
  • If remote access is needed, identify the parameters for use and for security
  • Assess storage needs and calculate generously for space
  • Make note of who provides various elements of your IT support and how much you need to handle yourselves
  • Keep track of problems or issues that you want to prevent with the next server option

Maintain budget awareness:

  • Keep track of overall expenses for the current server environment, including related IT expenses
  • View these annually but aggregate them for a two- to five-year window of time
  • Keep track of general industry prices for hosted services, where the server is located elsewhere, and you pay monthly or annual fees
  • When you do budget for a system change, use the accumulated data to compare total costs over that time window. That will help when comparing the on-premise option to the hosted service choices.

No matter where your server is located or how your network is configured, it is worth your time to review them regularly and prepare for the future.

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