Report Designing – Love It or Loathe It?

Design Crystal Reports for data-driven decisions

Boy, when it comes to report designing software – people are passionate! And sometimes not in a positive way. There is a funny “I hate Crystal Reports”  blog here, a 6 part “hater” series here, and a technical blog here.  These posts don’t hold back on their anathema of Crystal Reports.

Let’s face it, people want the quickest way to critical information, and Crystal Report designing takes some programming prowess. Depending on your skill level, this may slow you down or may require IT resources. But for data-driven decision making – nothing beats Crystal Reports as a business tool!

Sage 300 CRE Report Designer – users love it

For more basic functionality, Sage 300 CRE’s Report Designer is far more user-friendly. Easy to plan, design and create a basic report, this program makes reporting far more achievable for a casual (read: non-IT) user. With a little training, users can create formulas, leverage functions to perform to business rules, and manage custom reports.

No Fear!

At the end of the day, it’s all about how your business needs to (re)view and act on vital data. If you need reports on the fly – give Report Designer a whirl. If you need complex data with charts, graphs, and special formulas – Crystal Reports is for you.

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