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RealPage Property Management

REALPAGE-LogoOutperform_4CManage Your Residential Properties in the Cloud

Monitor, analyze, and execute standard policies and procedures for all your residential properties with OneSite Leasing & Rents from RealPage.  This powerful, on-demand cloud management tool automates and simplifies many aspects of commercial lease administration.

Maximize your Net Operating Income (NOI) potential by creating standardized or custom expense recovery methods for tenants. Calculate projected expense recovery any time during the year, while maximizing revenue using flexible market rent adjustments. Automatically administer step increases and expense recovery centrally within the system. Handle multiple CPI indices in one central location and increase rates with the touch of a button.

RealPage’s Turnkey Solution – OneSite Leasing and Rents

Marni Lopez, the Senior Portfolio Manager for the Prometheus Real Estate Group, shares how they used OneSite to successfully migrate their properties utilizing rent-roll accounting functions, lease tracking and administration, flexible reporting, transfers and more. “Having all components under one house is huge for us.”

More Effective Property Management

Proactive commercial property management means staying on top of important details before they become critical issues. Having quick access to tenant deficiencies, lease terms, options, and rent increases allows property managers to stay one step ahead of potential problems. And being ahead of the issues allows managers to concentrate on tenant and vendor relationships, keep good tenants happy, and carefully track “at risk” tenants before they go dark. Even time consuming tenant certificates of insurance are manageable within the system.

Flexibility in Lease Administration

With OneSite Leasing & Rents Commercial, you have a flexible lease administration and management tool for handling all aspects of your commercial property management operations.

Use the automated billing feature to schedule rent, monthly NNN recoveries, and late charges, and automatically bill when due. You can also provide your tenants with customized statements that assist in reconciling their balance due. The system also tracks an unlimited number of options and clauses, based on the leases in your portfolio.

The dashboard is customizable by individual users and provides a snapshot of portfolio information at a glance.

Easy NNN Recoveries and Automated Reconciliation & Billingcommercial-white-highrise

Create standard or custom expense recovery methods for tenants. You can calculate projected expense recovery any time during the year, and maximize NOI with easy-to-use recovery set up and reconciliation functionality. Pricing and expense recovery can be administered centrally within the system. You can also set up default CAM pools at the property level where leases inherit the CAM(s) and can then be customized for the lease. Recovery set up is as easy as checking the box of the appropriate G/L expense item. Have a lease with a special recovery clause? No problem. With the easy to use set up, individual line items can be given caps, increases, be grossed up or excluded. At reconciliation time, say good bye to your old spreadsheets because reconciliation and billing are automated. Reconcile by expense pool and then immediately invoice your tenants.

Transparency into Triple Net Lease Recoveries

Built-in Common Area Maintenance (CAM) reconciliation processes allow for easy auditing of the tenant share calculation through quick links to the lease’s CAM setup, estimated escrow history, and expense amounts. The CAM setup, recovery billing, and reconciliation reporting handle a variety of commercial lease requirements.

OneSite Leasing & Rents Commercial allows CAM reconciliation to be processed in bulk for all tenants, a group of tenants, or a single tenant. A detailed report outlines exactly how the tenant share was calculated. Additionally, your reconciliation can be adjusted with estimate and expense amount overrides.

Reporting from Anywhere, at Anytime

OneSite Leasing & Rents Commercial gives you real-time management reports across your portfolio. Automatically run home office, property or portfolio reporting groups whenever you want—either on demand or scheduled. You can also limit system access to your reporting with customizable roles and rights.

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