Productive Use of Your Construction Accounting Software

The challenge of software – USING it!

Your company has invested in some very powerful construction software, but are you really more productive using it?

We invest a lot of capital and time in purchasing and learning a robust software that is suppose to make our lives easier and more efficient.  (Not to mention the cost of transferring data and golden-laptopprocesses when changing from one software to another!) It is kind of like a new toy in that we are excited for the potential it has, we are interested in learning about it, and want to start using it right away.

However, sometimes that toy needs to be put together and has a 100-page instruction manual of how to connect part A to part B and then finding out you need a hammer, two screwdrivers and an Allen wrench to assemble it.  By the time we get the darn thing together we want to just start using it.  And often that is exactly what happens, we just start using it to feel like we are moving forward.

Inefficient Workflow?

The thing is, we often neglect going back and reading that “How to Use” part of the instruction booklet.  And until we do, we don’t realize that a task that has been taking 10 steps to perform, could easily be done with just 2 steps.

Sometimes we even get upset because a task we want to perform is not not clearly evident in the current process of things and we assume our new toy has less value than what we initially perceived.  Until someone (who has read the instruction booklet and played with the toy for years) comes along and shows us that the function was there all along – but we just didn’t know how to find it.

So, what is my point you ask?  It is this: you may have a set practice of doing things, you may be frustrated that you are unable to perform certain tasks, you may be upset that you are not as efficient as you would like to be at doing your work, and there is one way to fix all of these things- get some training.

Get Training in Your Construction Software

Even the greats get training from time to time.  Great musicians often work with others to improve certain skills.  Award winning actors take acting and language lessons all of the time.  Athletes are no exception. So why wouldn’t training help us in our jobs as well?

Let me ask you this, if you could spend one hour with a trainer and learn a few tricks and skills that would allow you to make a whole scale jump in your performance and increase your efficiency, and ultimately your bottom line… wouldn’t you want to do it?  Wouldn’t you want your staff to do it?

What difference would it make to your business if five of your employees suddenly became 5%, 15%, 30% more efficient?

Exclusive, in-depth training not only builds familiarity with your system, but it raises confidence for your team members.  Shortcuts and simple tips can make a world of difference in how you use your software.

If you’d like to get more out of your software, give us a call now to set up a construction accounting software training appointment!  You can also view our Professional Services here.