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Procore Project Management

The easiest-to-use tools for the hardest-to-manage job

Procore Project Management helps you manage multiple projects, in one place, with ultimate project visibility.

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Collaborate anywhere, anytime

Get everyone talking. Build a truly collaborative environment with unlimited seat licenses and real time accessibility for every project team member. From coordination to completion, keep your project up to date and your team in the loop so no change goes unnoticed.

Connect field and office

Keep teams together, even when they’re not. That’s the power of mobility. With Procore, your team can access all the information they need, with real time updates and instantaneous tracking. This means more teamwork, less rework, and even better project margins.

Manage drawings and specs

Keep your drawings central to your project. Procore is a drawing-centric application. If everyone isn’t on the same page, important details get missed. That costs money, time, and frustration. Procore puts everything your team needs (submittals, RFIs, punch lists, photos, and more) into the current drawing set so that everyone has what they need when they need it.

Bridge the coordination gap

Give everyone a voice and make sure everyone is heard. Design Coordination collects all your issues in one place so your VDC, design, and operations teams can solve problems faster.
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