Plan your SQL Upgrade for Sage 100 Contractor

Why You’ll Need Help

Unless you have a dedicated IT person at your company, you most likely will need help with your SQL conversion (and Sage 100 version upgrade to Version 19.7). In general, a smooth set up and conversion generally takes our consultants about four hours to complete. Why is this conversion/upgrade so difficult? This is a change at your server level. Meaning you are literally changing the “language” on which your entire database operates with.

Here are the issues our clients have had us help with:

  • Choosing SQL versions
  • Loading SQL
  • Connecting third-party additions
  • Report conversion
  • Estimating integration
  • Data conversion – MUST BE ON SAGE 100 VERSION 19.7!
  • Security setup
  • Training

Notice: Sage is only supporting 19.7 and SQL 7 for Year End – so if you’ve been waiting to upgrade, the time is now!

Why Upgrade?

As Certified Consultant Pam Schulz covered in the LAI July and August newsletters, there’s a ton of great reasons to change now. Your programs will run faster, easier, and the reporting will get ridiculously better!! We are scheduling consultant “blocks” on a first-come-first-served basis. Click or call 480-423-8300 to reserve time to plan and execute a smooth SQL conversion!