Outgrowing Quickbooks?

Construction Accounting Software Based on the JOB!

How can you tell you’ve outgrown QB, and are ready to step into some “big” shoes?

7 ways to tell if you’re ready to change construction accounting systems:baby-shoes

  • Do you find yourself inputting estimating, tracking, and billing jobs into Excel and then re-entering the information in your Accounting system?
  • Do you miss billing any change orders because they come too fast and furious?
  • Can you identify which part of your jobs are profitable and which aren’t?
  • Have you ever paid the same bill twice, or more that what you contracted to pay?
  • Are you capturing ALL change orders and billing each of them separately (QB lumps them all together!)?
  • Are you allocating Works Comp based on the correct classifications?
  • Are you protecting your company from claims against subs?

If you can’t answer these questions confidently, you should explore what Sage 100 Contractor CAN do what QuickBooks CAN’T!

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