Old Dogs, New Sage 300 CRE Desktop Tricks?


Legacy users of Sage 300 CRE (and they will always call it Timberline!) are a loyal breed unto themselves. At an LAI Sage Break meeting last Fall, we asked attendees by a show of hands, “Who still skateboardlaunches Sage Timberline Office with the TS-Main icon?” An overwhelming majority of hands lifted to the sky!

Most of the users present were not even aware that you can access Timberline applications from the Sage Desktop icon! What’s the difference?

  • TS-Main lets you access most of the applications within the Sage Timberline Office folder by selecting an application icon from a toolbar-type layout
  • Sage Desktop grants access to all Sage applications, individual tasks, files and web pages from an all-in-one location, in a directory-style format

So, loyal users – why change? Ultimately, because Sage has been busy building additional tools and features into the Desktop view that aren’t available in TS-Main like the Reconciliation Log, AP Workflow Center, Job Costing and Contract Administration Workflow Center, to name a few!

Convinced? Here are some additional nuggets about Desktop from Kyle Zeigler, Certified Sage Consultant and instructor at LAI:

Home Page

A report or website that opens automatically when you launch Desktop.  A popular Home Page option is to use one of the pre-built, customizable dashboards that provide key at-a-glance information for owners, managers, accounting personnel, estimators and project managers.  Users can drill down right from the Home Page to get details on payables, receivables, contracts, billing, bank information, estimating, job profits and cash flow, project documents, and backlog for all jobs.  No need to run Reports or open Sage 300 CRE applications!

My Tasks

A handy optional pane that allows you to create and organize custom groups of shortcuts to the Sage 300 CRE tasks and reports you use to do your job.  Add links to websites, worksheets and other documents too!  Hide the Tasks pane and display only My Tasks for a personalized Desktop environment that helps you work most efficiently.