No Limits to Custom Fields in Sage 100 Contractor

by Pam Schulz, Sage Certified Consultant

Take it for a spin!

In addition to the “old” User Defined fields in Sage 100 Contractor, many screens now have a “Custom Fields” button.

You can create an unlimited number of Custom Fields using this button. These fields are more versatile than the “old” User Defined Fields. (My personal favorite is the Character field with a limit of 255 characters — a “mini-notepad” — and you can have more than one!)

How to create custom fields:

  • Log in with Administrator rights
  • Click the Custom Fields button.
  • Click the “Add” button on the popup window

  • Define the new field; including Field Type, Size, prompts, default and security information. Do NOT change the field name.

  • After saving, use the “pin” button to show the field as “part” of the screen. (The field will originally pin to the side of the screen but it can be moved:

How to use the custom fields in reports and forms

  • To use the custom field in a report, simply select the field. Note there is a NEW data table created with the custom fields:

  • To use the custom field in a form design, write a calculated field:

These fields allow collection of customized data in many screens. The opportunity for multiple “long” fields allows the ultimate in the best processes and data reporting for YOUR needs.


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