Never stop learning – resources for Sage Construction software

by Ruth Stockdale, LAI Director of PSGnever-stop-learning-Sage

Learn differently

Every user uses software differently. Seems obvious, right? Sometimes you need to break your habits and learn a faster or easier way to get the job done! Fortunately, with Sage 100 CON or Sage 300 CRE the options are many.

You may have read the Tips and Tricks in our monthly newsletters. Did you know the majority of these are re-posted as separate blog posts and categorized by Topics for easy searching? Plus, we always post blogs and webpages for Year End help as well.

Here is a quick, current recap of some software-related educational opportunities:

  • FREE online sessions — our Sage 100 Contractor and 300 CRE users can look forward to some short “Lunch Box” webinar sessions in September, October, and November. Link to all trainings HERE, on our Event Calendar.
  • LAI Year End resources from Ledgerwood Associates — look for the topics and schedule for webinars in our next newsletter.
  • TUG Year End Webinars with – a benefit for members, check out their schedule at HERE.
  • SAGE Year End Webinars with — log on to Sage City to find offerings along with community shared information.
  • General Sage 100 Contractor (only) training with TUG – Regional Fall Workshop in Denver, October 14-15.

Don’t see what you need here? Let us know about specific requests. We can add topics to our Webinars based on your input!

Let us know if we can help! It’s No Big Deal.