MyAssistant – your virtual assistant for Sage 300 CRE

From User to Evangelist

As a former Sage 300 CRE power user, and currently a Sage Certified Consultant for Ledgerwood Associates, Inc., (LAI) Kyle Z. has her favorites when it comes to accelerating the core accounting software. Her pick? MyAssistant.

In fact she extols the virtues of having a ‘virtual assistant’ in a blog post that lists 300 tasks that MyAssistant can perform (off hours too), including alerts, email notices, vendors contacted, statements sent, and a ton of other awesome capabilities. Kyle says,

MyAssistant can save you time, increase efficiency and timeliness in reporting, expedite communications with vendors, customers, and employees, and maybe even help improve accountability and profitability!

Bookmark her blog HERE, and spend some time making your life easier!

Register for Ledgerwood

Join us on March 6th, 2019 at 10 am for a FREE webinar

MyAssistant multitasker

Over 2,200 Sage customers use MyAssistant to get more out of their Sage software by automating hundreds of different workflow steps.

This session will review many examples of how MyAssistant is being used to:

  • Distribute reports
  • Generate and send documents such as Pay Stubs, Invoices, AR statements and letters
  • Check Sage data entry
  • Communicate with employees, vendors and customers
  • Alert someone of business items that may need attention

After reviewing the Sage MyAssistant software demo, you’ll have the opportunity to inquire about YOUR unique business needs. See how MyAssistant can work for you!