Mobility in the Field – A No Brainer!

Sage recently added Sage Service Operations to its suite of complementary products for Sage Construction and Real Estate. While the construction industry as a whole is slow to adopt technology, I wondered if the Service and mobile-blackSpecialty segment has been quick to jump on board with mobility in the field?

“10 Fascinating Field Service Technology Statistics” [Source: Capterra]

So, I did a little poking. I found a great article on the Capterra website, “10 Fascinating Field Service Technology Statistics.” The article, by Leah Readings, frequently cites a web source with a terrific “State of Service Mobility” infographic done by RapidValue – you should check it out!

And they ARE fascinating:

  1. The smartphone or handheld is the primary communication tool for 49% of company workforces. Other communication tools include rugged and non-rugged laptops, and rugged and non-rugged tablets. (Source: Field Technologies Magazine)
  2. It’s predicted that by 2018, 70% of mobile workers will use a tablet or a hybrid device that has tablet-like characteristics. (Source: RapidValue Solutions)
  3. In the next round of device buys, 75% will stick with smartphones and handhelds. (Source: Field Technologies Magazine)
  4. 40% of all field service companies surveyed have budgeted to add mobile tools in 2014. (Source: SwiftMeap)
  5. Screen size, iPad popularity, and field worker preference make up 30% of reasons why companies choose tablets. (Source: Field Technologies Magazine)
  6. 44% of service organizations say that mobile field service is required due to competitive pressures. (Source: RapidValue Solutions)
  7. Service and work order management were the top features provided by field service software solutions and most used by customers. (Source: Field Technologies Magazine)
  8. 41% of service organizations say that mobile field service is required due to the increasing volume of service requests. (Source: RapidValue Solutions)
  9. 58% of personnel interviewed chose tablet computers as the technology they’d like to invest in over the next 6-12 months. (Source: Swift Meap)
  10. Shockingly, 60% of companies surveyed are not currently using a field service management/automation solution. (Source: Field Technologies Magazine)

That last point is somewhat contradictory at first glance. Sooooo – half of the workforce uses smartphones, yet they are NOT empowering the devices with software for the field? Crazy! Especially now, when mobile/cloud solutions are priced at low-cost subscription plans, you would think that Service Management would be the FIRST thing you would load on your phone!

Stay in the “Family” – SSO for Sage 100 and 300

Sage Service Operations (SSO) enables technicians to complete their work in less time and make fewer trips by providing the real-time information they need in the field on any tablet or mobile device.

And SSO integrates with both Sage 100 and Sage 300 and has been designed to support most mobile platforms, including the Android and iOS!!

Core functionality in SSO provides Work Order (WO) processing, service site history, sales opportunity creation, and mobile Purchase Order (PO) creation. Provide your customers with accurate, real-time information on service requests, history, equipment and more.

Want more info? Shoot us an email with your (email) info and we will send you the Spec Sheet. Or call 480-423-8300 and ask for Tony Merry.