Meet George Jetson — A Day in the Future Life of Construction Technology

So, currently, we have desktop + software + mobile + apps + cloud as construction platforms and channels. We can send timecards from the field to the back office, we can view drawings and plans onsite, we can share files with subs and other vendors, and more.

What do you think the future of construction technology will be? Let’s take a look at a day in the life of George Jetson, the GC of the future.jetson

7 am: George grabs his 3D printed coffee (fresh out of the universal food synthesizer) from Rosie, and gives Jane a virtual kiss goodbye (she’s popped over to Andromeda for a quickie face reincarnation) and heads out the door.   

7:15 am: George jumps in his self-driving spaceship and pops on his 2BG (billion gig) Google Glasses (yes, Google survives), sorts through his time-shifted messages, and checks in with his virtual assistant, Spacely. He receives and stores some 582D BIM images in the “Fog” (and sighs at the antiquated technology; wonders when is the construction industry ever going to catch up?). George then quickly peruses the financial status of his 3 million project portfolio, and heads for the job site.

7:30 am: George checks in with site security via a retinal blink sequence, finds the Super…and he’s not happy (some things never change in the future). Evidently, the estimator missed the .00000654 seismic shift in the upper mesosphere, and he needs a change order to dig 408 miles below the lithosphere.  The Supe taps his bio-watch and the estimate, future-time statistics, and the 582D BIM image appear in the dewy morning air. He closes his eyes, imagines the correction — and the diagram, stats, and estimates update as a new dimension. George touches the Change Order with his thumb and forefinger, and it’s approved. That put the project 12.8 seconds behind and there’s going to be hell to pay!!

7:33 am: George is off to his projected cube in the virtual office space.

11:32 am: Suddenly, the CEO (Daughter Judy) appears on the Google Glasses, wanting an update on the “situation.” Fortunately with Sage 300.9M CRE, George compensated for the 12.8 second loss and he and his partner Astro, are off the hot seat.  It’s time to kick back their heels and print some lunch!

I don’t know if you’re a Baby Boomer too, but I still remember the Jetsons and rotary phones. My first computer had a TV monitor for display, and brick phones were sexy back in the day! Technology is moving at an unbelievable pace, and I am excited to see what and where we will go next.  Hopefully, the construction industry will keep pace with the progress, and youth won’t replace age and wisdom on the pretext of embracing and leveraging advances.  You too, might be reporting to your daughter Judy, or your boy, Elroy — make sure you have the tools to keep up with the future!

How do you imagine the future of construction technology?