Make your Sage 300 CRE even better!

by Kyle Zeigler, Sage Senior Certified Consultantidea-lightbulb

Submit product improvements ideas

The Sage 300 CRE suite of applications remains one of the most versatile and easily customizable accounting solutions available to construction companies today. Companies love that the software is adaptable to nearly any specialty industry and unique financial reporting need. But even with this flexibility, many users often wish Sage would change some aspect of the software to make life even better. What most users don’t know is that you have the power to affect these changes!

In Sage Desktop > Help is a selection to Submit Product Idea. For long-time Sage 300 CRE (Timberline) users, this used to be called Submit Enhancement Request. The redesigned feature is much cooler now and gives you instant access to what other users would like to see changed.

You can vote on specific topics and even submit your own idea for other users to vote on. Ideas are grouped in categories on the right side of the window, as well as by Latest, Hot, Top, and Completed in tabs in the center of the window. Navigation is easy, and it’s so satisfying to find a topic that’s near and dear to your everyday use of the software!

The most votes win!

Sage tells us that the topics with the most votes get the highest priority for future development. So, let the Sage development team know your brilliant idea — and don’t forget to vote for others’ suggestions, too.


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