Looking Backwards and Forwards at LAI

by Joanie Hollabaugh

The New Year is that juxtaposition in time; a momentary suspension when you are looking back and forward at the same time. What have we learned upon reflection of the past twelve months? shutterstock_111899612What will we resolve not to do in the New Year? What was planned, what was unexpected, what was serendipitous or unfortunate?

2014 was a very good year for LAI. Ed Ledgerwood was honored at the Sage NA headquarters in recognition of 40 years in the Sage family; Director of Sales, Tony Merry, landed LAI’s biggest sale EVER ($1.25M); and we welcomed some new staff and said farewell to a few who moved on.

LAI also welcomed some new integration partnersIFS Core, AboutTime, AnterraDataCenter, and Liberty Reports (for Sage 100); and Sage brought some new integration products into the suite of solutions – eTakeoff, Paperless Environment, and Sage Payment Solutions.

In the spirit of looking both back and forward, LAI decided to add Sage CRM to our core offering. It’s a great product for our current Sage 300 construction clientele to add because it integrates with accounting. It will also open new doors for LAI outside of construction, diversifying the vertical reach for us.

And New Year would not be a split frame of time, if we did not look back and thank our wonderful clients who have supported us as we have supported them. Auld Lang Syne translates loosely into “times gone by” and is a reminder to remember friends from the past and not to forget them. So, thank you to YOU from last year, the last 40 years, and hopefully into the future 40 years!


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