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Ledgerwood Professional Services for Sage Software

It’s All About Relationships!

We’re kind of ‘old school’ about our Professional Services at LAI. We actually come to your office and sit down with you, (the controller, the owner, the bookkeeper), and we listen. You tell us what you need to work with your system, and we help you make that happen.


Services FAQs

How do we contact LAI for support issues?

  • Log onto our Customer Portal for access to resources that can help you quickly!
  • During business hours, email your question or request to:
  • AN LAI Consultant will quickly respond by email or phone, usually within 24 hours
  • Phone our Customer Care Coordinator at 480.423.8300 for more information

Do you offer web-based consulting?

We offer online support and training and can schedule sessions to fit your company’s needs.

Will it benefit my company to have a consultant assist me during my implementation?

Our consultants facilitate implementations and help your company by:

  • Planning, scheduling, and coordinating your implementation project
  • Reviewing your company’s business processes and adapting them efficiently to Sage 300 CRE or Sage 100 CON software
  • Providing conversion of your company’s legacy data
  • Establishing and training you and your staff on new and improved work flow procedures
  • Assisting you with creating and designing specific reports applicable to your business.

Using our consultants will help guarantee a successful implementation on schedule and within budget.

Is there a minimum number of hours for each visit by a consultant?

Minimums are: 15 minutes for phone support, 30 minutes for online support. Onsite support minimum varies by client distance from our Scottsdale office and amount of travel required.

What are the billing rates for your consultants?

As with any Professional Services Organization, our rates vary by the position and skill level of the consultant.

Do your consultants have to pass a test to be a consultant for your company?

All consultants are required to pass and maintain certification under the Sage Certified Consultant Program. They also must complete and pass courses required by Sage for continuing education.


For more information call 480.423.8300 or email:

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